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Friday votes from Julieanne1976
20/01/2018 à 02:17:58
Did lots of running around this morning so now...
19/01/2018 à 22:23:57
Babysat B and K today. We played dolly's on the...
19/01/2018 à 04:46:08
Thursday votes from Julieanne1976
19/01/2018 à 04:06:54

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Today: 11 January 2018

  • Returning the lovely votes <3 thankyou


Scroll down to see beautiful gifs.


and other weird things about me.





"I love to give compliments, and spreading love"


i'm a silent voter.


and i can't help to return every votes.


but sorry, i don't do daily votes.


but i randomly give votes to any online account, and my online friends! thanks girls.





and this is my cousin




My alt. accounts

diajeng shoc-chan nacchii-chii chiquota-chii

deappy jo-7o mochi-moshi oochaa oochiie

dijeng amberhazel atmosphere  

sorry, most of them are still a mess




THANK YOU, and have a nice day



and here are some random gifs. enjoy.


















This is me:

  1. i love animals, mostly those fluffy and puffy and fat animals
  2. i am not againts LGBT, but that doesn't mean i support them, i love everyone equally. except for those who harm living things.
  3. i love to sing, very much, even though my voice is the worst.
  4. i love binge watching YouTube-rs videos
  5. i looovveee eating! and yes, cooking, but i'm afraid of the sprinkle of oil
  6. i could be friends with anyone who are not: mean, disrespectful, and refuse to understand other people.
  7. I don't say "i love you" to people i actually love.
  8. I ADORE cats and dogs in any breed
  9. stay tune for a new update.

Age Type City Country
21 years Woman im actually from indonesia Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Troye Sivan too many! Lilo & Stitch PIZZAAAAA
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Red an amazing wife Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Daredevil, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Orphan Black, Sherlock Holmes, dirk gently's holistic detective agency, The Originals sleeping

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