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eliise has 2 goodness points.

Haute Couture Designer




 Name: Eliise

Birthday: 6. October

I have lots of other dollz in here, Eliisa is one of them. But Eliise is not an alt doll of Eliisa, they are both my main, I count them as sisters~! :D

Eliise is actually my real name not Eliisa, I just happend to make 2 dollz at first when I came to OMD: Eliise and Eliisa. But after MDD got deleted I thought that this game was gone too for some reason, and so when I re-discovered OMD after a few years, I had forgotten the p***word for Eliise, but I remembered Eliisa's, so that's why she became my #1 dollie where I started with daily voting.

And then I remembered Eliise's p***word and so here we are! :D

If you vote for me, I'll always vote back, because Eliise is NOT an alt doll of Eliisa! ^_^

Some of my dollz in MDD were: dlmcsgfan, Locette, 6eliise6, FairyLila, Stelarita, Liilja, Malviina8, Raidlepp, Rosalinda95 etc.



Wishing You A Great Day! XOXO ^_^ 

Age Type City Country
22 years Woman Estonia (It's a country in Europe) Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
PewDiePie, Jared Leto K-pop ♡ ♡ ♡ Horror Ice Cream
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pastel and Metal colours Photographer Under the Dome Listening To Music

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