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I see you put mine in like on my yacht. I...
18/09/2018 à 00:55:14
I still don't know which one I am...3 have hats...
17/09/2018 à 19:35:36
Sounds like fun!
17/09/2018 à 04:22:10
Yes Jen~!! It would be awesome. Give me time...
17/09/2018 à 02:12:38

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          Thanks for voting.!              Bella





                             Pa$$port and visa 

2-3 pairs of shorts – you can wear it over your swimsuit when you go to the beach, or to stroll around the streets of the island, or if you go hiking.

3 tank tops or t-shirts – you will match them with your shorts.

1 casual dress – for your day activities if you don’t want to wear shorts.

1 formal/party dresses – for your nights out.

1 pair of trousers – in case it gets really windy at night

1 light jacket – Although it can be really hot in Greece in the summer months, at night especially in the islands, there is a sea breeze and a light jacket is a must.

bras – You don’t need many since you will be wearing your swimsuit all day

7 pairs of underwear – I usually take 1 for each day. 

2 pair of socks – To wear with your trainers if you go hiking

1 pajamas – or you can sleep with a T-shirt but it has to be light

1 pair flip flops – I use them at the beach since the sand can be very hot

1 pair leather sandals – They are good for all day use and at night you don’t wear heels

1 pair non slippery trainers – They are ideal for hiking

2 swimsuits – Since you will be spending most of your days on the beach. You wear the one and let the other dry. I usually have 3 swimsuits with me but 2 will do.

Sarong – I usually use it over my swimsuit, to cover up my legs or shoulders, or as a shawl at night over your dress.

1 Beach Towel – to lay it out on the sand. 

1 Hat – not only for the beach but for your walks around the island, you don’t want to have a sunstroke or get burned,since the sun burns a lot.. 














                           Hmmmmm, North or South ?,,,, East or West ?

                   The Traveler





                   suitcases                                  sapphiregamgee                                                   

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36 years Woman US
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earthtones detective

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