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"I didn't realize how big my underwear was...
09/07/2018 à 01:57:02
This morning was crochet cl a s s. Learned a...
13/06/2018 à 04:24:24

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North Pole Adventurer



May 30 - Leaving silent votes (morning). Sorry, had quite a hectic week last week! 


May 25 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 23 - Leaving silent votes (afternoon). Finished cataloging the outfits in my cosplay account! Took me around 2 days to do so @_@


May 22 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 21 - Leaving silent votes (afternoon)


May 20 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 19 - Leaving silent votes (afternoon)


May 17 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 16 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 15 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 14 - Leaving silent votes (morning). Going to watch Zootopia this afternoon!


May 13 - Leaving silent votes (morning). Almost done decorating the enchanted forest! It looks quite pretty so far :)


May 12 - Leaving silent votes (morning). Oh my goodness the new quest is gorgous <3 I love the Lord of the Rings references!


May 11 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 10 - Leaving silent votes (morning). I'm finally back home! Dealing with jetlag now >.<


May 7 - My stuff is all packed up and ready to be stored! Can't believe in just 24 hours I will be on the plane home! Leaving silent votes (afternoon)


May 4 - May the fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars day everyone :) Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 3 - Leaving silent votes (afternoon)


May 2 - Leaving silent votes (morning)


May 1 - Hooray it's May! Leaving silent votes (morning)







I use these dolls to vote ^u^ Votes left on these accounts will not be returned.







Hey! I'm Bev. Born February 12

I'm a 20-year old currently studying Neuroscience and Computer Science at BU

I absolutely love all things tribal, oceanic and space-related~ 

I love video games too <3 I'm more into RPGs and city builder games, and not so much shooter or platf0rm games... Can't wait for Pokemon Sun & Moon!

I absolutely love strawberries. I'll eat anything that has strawberries in it <3 

I am obsessed with netflix <3 I've finished watching Parks and Recreation, and I'm currently watching Jessica Jones. Doctor Who is forever my favorite show though!




Created by Yoana17


I don't own any of these gifs. They're just way too cute >w<


Age Type City Country
22 years Woman Neverland Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
RM EDM, Kpop, etc. Action, Fantasy, Animated Strawberries & Noodles
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Green, Blue, Turquoise Psychologist NCIS, CSI, Doctor Who Gaming, Drawing, Reading, Movies

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