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Once Upon A Time..

There stood a beautiful castle.  Inside lived the King, Queen and their four daughters,  Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire each named after precious gems.  The king doted on his beautiful daughters, especially Amethyst with her beautiful singing voice, Sapphire was the most graceful dancer, and Emerald, with her ability to turn her stories into elaborate plays could make her father laugh with such joy.  Ruby, jealous of her sisters talents and attention their father gave them decided to leave the castle.  All alone, she cried.  An old woman approached her and asked why she was crying.  Ruby told her why she had left and the woman offered her a bargain.  She could give Ruby the talents of each of her sisters, but it would come at a price.  She wanted their souls.  In her anger and resentment, Ruby agreed to the evil Witch's deal. 

Ruby went back to the castle.  When she got there, her whole family greeted her with tears of joy and excitement.  Her father embraced her and told her how much he had missed her and was going to throw a ball in her honor to celebrate.  The night of the ball, her sisters sang, danced & told stories just for her, she was so happy.  She realized how much her family loved her & that's what mattered most.  But it was too late.  All of a sudden, an icy wind swept through, the candles went out and darkness enveloped the ballroom.  An instant later, there was a bright flash, Amethyst screamed.  A second later the flash again, Emerald screamed.  By the time the King got a single candle lit, he could scarcely see in the shadows, the Witch was holding onto Sapphire.  He tried to reach for her but was blinded by another flash.  More candles were lit, everyone watched as the evil Witch transformed herself into a crow.  As she flew away through an open window, a glowing pendant could be seen clutched in her talons.  The three princesses were nowhere to be found.  The King and Queen were devastated.

A couple of years went by.  The castle started to fall into disrepair.  Ruby often tried cheering her parents with singing or dancing, but it never worked.  The King and Queen eventually died leaving Ruby alone.  Full of grief and sorrow for what she had caused, Ruby's broken heart turned black.  She changed her name to Obsidian and vowed to never use her talents again.  She later married and had children of her own but could never forgive herself for what she had done.  One night she left the castle.  Many think she went in search of her sisters souls, no one really knows though, she was never seen again.


Many Years Later..

A young woman came home exhausted after a world wide tour singing with her band, Darkheart. A thick envelope had come in the mail and she was curious to find out what it could be.  Inside, she discovered she had inherited an ancient castle and was the last living descendant of its royal family.  She was a princess.


Expecting the castle to be in ruins, she was surprised to see that it was still standing tall.  She spent the next year restoring the castle to its former beauty and learning all she could about her ancestors.  Not sure if she quite believed the stories, she decided to once again fill the rooms with sounds of music, dancing, and storytelling.  She decided to open a school.

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87 years Woman US
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