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Lucy, B and K came down today and we had a...
23/03/2021 à 01:01:54
I miss a lot of things~!! How about you? Cook...
20/02/2021 à 04:26:21
Super Bowl Game night~! KC vs Tampa Bay~!...
08/02/2021 à 02:29:44
February 1 ... I'm so excited for February....
01/02/2021 à 01:45:17

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| Cath |  | INFJ | Québec, Canada | 


About the game!


I love this website so much, you don't even understand! I've been playing since I'm 13 years old so that means I've been playing for ~11 years. And of course a lot of things have changed since then but I still love it.

I was on the original french version of ohmydollz at the beginning since french is my first language but I decided to move on to the english version because the people are so much more friendly here and I feel so much more at my place :) I still have my doll on the french version though (with the same username) but I don't really go on it anymore. I also have a doll with the same username on the german, italian and spanish versions!

I have 2 other dolls that I use to return votes If I don't have enough left here, they're halbromantich and x-loliipop-x:



I don't consider myself a daily voter anymore because I don't always have time to vote everyday. But I return votes whenever I can!


And I also like to give random votes sometimes if I stumble accross your page and happen to love your doll or loft. 



My Rooms!

Loft: Pink room

Kitchen: Colourful kitchen

Bedroom #1: Red & black room

Bathroom: Modern bathroom

Garden: Winter time!

Garage: Sewing workshop

Building: Tiny appartment!

Street: Picnic at the Park!

Beach: Actual Beach

Terrace: Nursery

Bedroom #2: Purple room

Bathroom #2: Pink Bathroom

Living Room #2: Blue&Yellow little condo

Bedroom #3: Rebelious teenager bedroom

The veranda: Stylish little condo

Party Room: Prom!

Duplex: Cute little appartment

Redaction Room: Fashion boutique

High school: Private school

Casino: Painting in the sunshine!

Sewing Workshop: Shabby chic little condo

Concert Hall: GORILLAZ in concert

Elite Villa: Fashion show

Hell: Idk what it is but it's just an overall really creepy place

Flowers: Enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest: Elven forest

Hogwarts: Ravenclaw's common room

Jet: Daenerys from Game of Thrones in a forest with her horse and ser Jorah

Yacht: Flowery bedroom

China: Chinese inspiration house

Night Club: Cute pastel room + partyyyy

Mountain: Pastel Goth Circus

Ice Palace: Ice fairy house

Cabin: Cozy winter cottage

Wedding: Actual wedding

Winter Palace: Old library

One Thousand and One Nights: Indian party

Hotel: Actual hotel

Theatre: Costume Ball

Best Friend Room: Galaxy-themed bedroom

Christmas: It's christmas time!

Sarah's Home: Nice and sunny little condo

Circus of dreams: Witch's house in the haunted forest

Small Room: Kawaii-themed little room

Game Room: Easter room




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Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Deviantart



Age Type City Country
25 years Woman Québec, Canada Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Myself! ;) Everything and anything Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings Sloppy Joe
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple, pastel pink and aqua Daycare educator (good thing I already am hehe) Stranger Things & Breaking Bad Internet, crafting, reading, wirting

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