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~Good evening~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook...
10/02/2024 à 03:22:01
Wednesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
17/01/2024 à 17:52:24
+2 from SIERRADANE: A day without sunshine is...
25/11/2023 à 00:51:57

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| Cath |  | INFJ | Québec, Canada | 


About the game!


I love this website so much, you don't even understand! I've been playing since I'm 13 years old so that means I've been playing since 2009. And of course a lot of things have changed since then but I still love it.

I was on the original french version of ohmydollz at the beginning since french is my first language but I decided to move on to the english version because the people are so much more friendly here and I feel so much more at my place :) I still have my doll on the french version though (with the same username) but I don't really go on it anymore. I also have a doll with the same username on the german, italian and spanish versions!

I have 2 other dolls that I use to return votes If I don't have enough left here, they're halbromantich and x-loliipop-x:



I don't consider myself a daily voter anymore because I don't always have time to vote everyday. But I return votes whenever I can!


And I also like to give random votes sometimes if I stumble accross your page and happen to love your doll or loft. 



My Rooms!

Loft: Pastel Goth Circus

Kitchen: Colourful kitchen

Bedroom #1: Valentine's day room

Bathroom: Modern bathroom

Garden: Winter time!

Garage: Sewing workshop

Design house: Nature themed condo

Building: Tiny appartment!

Street: Picnic at the Park!

Beach: Actual Beach

Terrace: Daycare

Bedroom #2: Purple room

Bathroom #2: Pink Bathroom

Living Room #2: Blue&Yellow little condo

Bedroom #3: Rebelious teenager bedroom

The veranda: Stylish little condo

Party Room: Prom!

Duplex: Cute little appartment

Redaction Room: Fashion boutique

High school: Private school

Casino: Painting in the sunshine!

Sewing Workshop: Cute little pastel condo

Concert Hall: GORILLAZ in concert

Elite Villa: Fashion show

Hell: Idk what it is but it's just an overall really creepy place

Flowers: Enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest: Elven forest

Viking room: Adventurer chilling in Midgard

Hogwarts: Ravenclaw's common room

Jet: Daenerys from Game of Thrones in a forest with her horse and ser Jorah

Yacht: Flowery bedroom

China: Chinese inspiration house

Night Club: Cute pastel room + partyyyy

Mountain: Pink room

Ice Palace: Ice fairy house

Cabin: Cozy winter cottage

Forest: Another enchanted forest

Wedding: Actual wedding

Winter Palace: Old library

One Thousand and One Nights: Indian party

Hotel: Actual hotel

Theatre: Costume Ball

Best Friend Room: Galaxy-themed bedroom

Christmas: It's christmas time!

Sarah's Home: Nice and sunny little condo

Circus of dreams: Witch's house in the haunted forest

Small Room: Kawaii-themed little room

Game Room: Easter room




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Age Type City Country
28 years Woman Québec, Canada Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
me Everything and anything Monsters inc. carbs lmao
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pastels not working Breaking Bad hyperfixating on random stuff

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