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Columbus went around the world in 1492. That...
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10/14: Sorry for the late notice, but I'm been feeling pretty aweful the past week or so. Pretty sure it's just bad allergies that are trying to turn into both a sinus and ear infection (So far so good on avoiding that) but I'm on some GOOD allergy meds as a result that make me VERY sleepy. Toss in an all day anxiety attack last week, and I'm just feeling exhasted as I recover. So I'm going to bite the bullet, and say no voting for all of this week, as a way to relieve stress, and get some more sleep in. Especially since my mom wants me to help her with a three day ren fair called Rosenvolk this coming weekend. Stay haapy, health and safe dolls, and I'll see you next week!


9/16: Sorry for missing votes all weekend, had a couple surprise visits from friends/family come up. Should be back to normal now!


9/13: Did a few more designs on my faechils accounts. (except this one, oddly enough) and then headed to my actual sewing machine and created a teddy bear cloaks in real life. Hugs everyone!


9/11: I've done several fall fashion show efforts on Afallach, Alysun1986, and Daisydill. I hope a few are chosen for the fashion lookbook/creator's weekend!


9/6 thank you for your patience, kind words and support doing this difficult time for my family. Please, PLEASE remember to buckle up in a vehicle.  Hugs to you all!


8/29: I am very sorry to say that my family lost my cousin Ray VERY unexpectedly over the weekend. He was a wonderful guy, who loved hiking and camping as much as my spouse and I do. He is sorely missed.


8/21: Have a new bedroom in my favorite colors. And comfy pj's for a pj party. With my cuddle pony to help me (eventually) sleep{#doll_oeil}


8/19: Back from my unexpected vacation from the internet. And expected vacation from work. Hurrah! Caught up on my reading, and did some sewing while internet was down, at least. Sewing in real life, mind you. I've created 12 teddy bear cloaks while finally opening up my big bang theory dvds. And caught up on sleep. I feel SO much better! Didn't even realize I was really run down until halfway through the week. Now need to create a new beedroom and sleepover outfit for the pajama party for the week here!


Age Type City Country
33 years Woman Bloomington US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sandra Bullock Celtic Fantasia Rasberries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
silver animater NCIS, Bones, Medium, The Mentalist, The Closer, Glee, Charmed reading, hiking, dancing

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