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22/04/2019 à 03:18:41
Chocolate bunnies & marshmallow chicks...
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It is the hour to rend thy chains, the...
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4/19: Woke up extra early (a little before 5 am) so am catching up on votes!

4/17: I'm just gonna call it, 

I'm helping my mom at a convention called The Conglomeration in  Louiville, Ky. I doubt I will have any time to vote from Friday to Sunday. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

4/15: (waves from puddle of exhausted goo) Straight winds and rain suck. We got lucky though, quite a few southern Indiana counties had tornados, that had fatalities. Sorry for the missed votes!


4/12: So I get to the viking fest, and realize I forgot to bring all of the cloaks I made over the past few weeks. Oops. Oh well, more for The Conglomeration next weekend, I guess.


4/11: finishing up a sewing bing in real life, have the first faire of the seaon this weekend. Viking Fest in the Indy area. Wish me luck! I will have wi-fi while there.



4/6: Sorry about votes yesterday, an old family friend of my husbands p***ed away, and the viewing was yesterday afternoon. I wasn't aware of it until my husband asked me to go with him. It was a good gathering full of good memories, and nice people.



4/1: Only had one trick played on me, and it was a clever one: For the morning meeting at work, the produce department usually provides small snacks: apple slices, carrot sticks, bananas, ect. Today, John brought apple slices, and something else: He peeled the apple slices completely, and added raw potato slices mixed in with the apples randomly. The have the some color and texture, so you couldn't tell until you ate one. It was easy to see who crunched into a potoato, and who got normal apples! I had 2 apples slices, and one potato. It's telling of my childhood garden explorations that I immediatly knew what it was!








Age Type City Country
33 years Woman Bloomington US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sandra Bullock Celtic Fantasia Rasberries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
silver animater NCIS, Bones, Medium, The Mentalist, The Closer, Glee, Charmed reading, hiking, dancing

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