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Saturday votes from Julieanne1976
16/06/2019 à 04:30:33
We went to our granddaughter's horse riding...
16/06/2019 à 03:27:21
Saturday's votes. Hugs
15/06/2019 à 23:57:42
Saturday votes! ^^
15/06/2019 à 19:52:43

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6/14: I had lots of fun at PoGo fest! Headed to the Indiana Dunes today before heading home afterwards. Hugs!


6/12:Off to Chicago PoGo fest! Myself and three friends snagged tickets for Thursday


6/10: Went to the Tennessee Medival Faire Friday morning, and forgot to bring my laptop, memory foam pillow, and cuddle bear. Oops. Now have to ru to work right after getting in, so can't vote. Will start make-up votes tomorrow!


6/4: The Reason for my absence: The neighbor my husband and I share porch space, and parking space with, broke up with his boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend then proceeded to stalk, har***, threaten and vandalize our neighbor's property. With our neighbor's permission, my husband and I installed a camera to both deter the ex, and catch him in the act if he continued the illegal behavior, which he DID continue and was filmed doing so. My husband and I have been working with the police by saving, and sending the various film evidence to the detectives working the case. The ex has an arrest warrent out in his name, but he is currently hiding from the police. So there may be more random days of no votes from me since getting all of the film together involves heavy computer use, and I put my neighbor's safety over playing this game. I hope everyone understands my choice.






Age Type City Country
33 years Woman Bloomington US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sandra Bullock Celtic Fantasia Rasberries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
silver animater NCIS, Bones, Medium, The Mentalist, The Closer, Glee, Charmed reading, hiking, dancing

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