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June 5: we spent half an hour in the basement...
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Someone asked me if I was doing well ... I am...
01/06/2019 à 04:49:07
Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup...
22/05/2019 à 04:24:03
Successful mothers are not the ones who haven't...
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Costume Designer

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 Hi, my name is Finley and I'm 20y/o! I love flowers & animals~ 

Hamtaro spin!


kawaii heart divider gif

My Favorite...

animal - Tapir

 flower - Plumeria

video game - Overwatch (PC)

cartoon - Adventure Time

pokemon - Primarina



xx Update Log:

July/4/2016 - Joined OhMyDollz! (US Server)

Dec/1/2016 - Acquired 'Costume Designer' job title! Yay!!~

Jan/27/2017 - Purchased the Flash Sale costume 'Chinese New Year Mermaid' (149$)!

May/8/2017 - Completed the 'Flatmate' quest (250$)!

July/7/2017 - Completed the 'Defeated Fairytales' quest (199$) and obtained the lovely Rainbow Room!! <3

August/19/2017 - Completed the 'Stylist Quest' quest (104$ + 50 fee'z)!

February/17/2018 - Completed the 'And they lived happily? the end?' quest (255$ + 150 fee'z)!

March/29/2018 - Completed the 'Elven Quest: Araméo and Juliwen' quest (198$)!

June/19/2019 - Earned 'The rich one' trophy (Obtain 1000 $$$)


xx Goals:

- Create a maid café themed room

- Create an Adventure Time themed room!




Age Type City Country
20 years Man US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Indie Folk Tofu
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink, Green, Yellow Degrassi Ukulele

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