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Aaaa thank you so much to Willowskye for housewarming gifts! They are very nice! >///<

Thank you very much to Sierradane for so many gift!! (;///A///;)

Thank you to mllemeg for very cute blue collar, it is nice to wear >//w//<

It is very nice to get gifts, thank you evryone, I am so happy m(;///;)m


I like drawing. I have fun drawing on program PAINT, because it is fun to try draw on very basic program (but also can be annoy) XD I am now more focus on pencil art :)

My English is not very good, but I am learning.

There is many intrasting doll I want to try draw. If I like your doll, can I draw it? XD


If I draw your doll and you want to put on your page, you may, I will be very hapy if you do >w<

Another pencil art for Iponyx3132. Happy Halloween!


Iponyx3132 photo iponyx_zpsnrwq2trb.jpg


I draw Kiesielek, so pretty, like goddess! *3*


This picture is of mllemeg. So many shine!! It was very fun to draw elegant style XD


This picture I make of Galadriel. I try use photobucket for put on internet


I draw Willowskye because her wedding doll is so pretty /// It was a bit hard, but I can finish :,3


This drawing I make of Sierradane, she give me my first vote! Thank, I am very happy :)


I make picture of speakforyourself, I like the doll be simple but very pretty ^^


This is doll of Arlekinlain, I like to draw many flowers for this! XD


This is doll of Anyamalfoy. I like her dark doll, but I think maybe I make her look evil? 8D;;

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