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1/19 It's been a long time! I really missed being on here! How have you guys been?


Hi and welcome to my page! My name is Megan, but people here know me as Goldenlightt or Golden. I'm 21 and I'm from London, but my family moved to New York when I was 5 so there's where I grew up. 

My father’s English and my mother Argentinian, so my family is spread all over the world. When I was 14 we moved to Buenos Aires, and two years ago I moved back to New York to start college. Now, I'm back in Buenos Aires, so you can see I move a lot ¬¬.

I'm a Drama student, trying to make my way as an actress and whenever I can, I volunteer as a teacher of Spanish or English. My life is basically studying, working, getting an actress job every once in a while and a lot of travelling. 

I’m Catholic, that says pretty much about me, as I like to live serving the Lord with joy and love. 

I have an amazing boyfriend I’m hoping to marry some day. He's from Argentina and he works as a travel agent.

I LOVE languages, especially learning about a culture through them. I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, and I'm now learning Portuguese and German. Of course I love movies too and I’ve watched a zillion. My favorites are the clas.sics, old black & white films, though I enjoy watching all kinds of movies. 

I've been here for two years now and I love this game. I have met many amazing people. I'm quite shy, I hardly ever start a conversation, but I'm very friendly, so feel free to send me a DM or leave a comment :)




Exchanging daily votes is to me a good way to learn the latest news from other players so I always try to leave comments. If you want to be a daily voter, doors are always open, just leave a comment or send me a message! ^^

I always return all votes. If you're not a daily voter, please leave a comment so that I can vote back :)

I know I wasn't very original when picking the names lol!






All my daily voters for being awesome.

 For the incredibly beautiful avatar, signature and layout. Also for always being so sweet :) And for hosting the World Sweetest Coloring Contest. I won first place! YAY! Here's my entry and the certificates. Thank you so much, Shadow! ^^





 For the cute zombie girl, the yellow sweater, the flower bouquet, the St. Patrick's Day globe, the flower bouquet on my birthday and the bunny on this year's birthday :)


    For this nice back to school gift :)  and the cute  pumpkin girl ^^ Thank you fo the rabbit with the clover as well.



 For this cute satchel. I love it! Also for the  pretty painting and the cute pumpkin girl.



For these cute balloons that look great in  my loft, the pretty painting, the super cute witch, the diploma and the red wig :)


    For the beautiful rose bouquet in honor of your wedding and the cute zombie girl :) Also, thank you for the nice Christmas gifts and the little dolls! Thank you for the heart-shaped mirror for being a member of Princess Academy! :) Thank you so much for the blue heart-shaped mirror, the sunflowers, the balloons and the St. Patrick's Day gifts! Thank you for the pretty little doll, the overly cute bunny the plant and the pretty bee! Thanks for the Chinese doll!


   For the beautiful flower. It looks so cute in my garden ^^ And for the black cat (How did you know I love black cats?) I think I'll put it in my living room :) Also, thank you for the impossibly cute teddy bear!

 For the nice Christmas gift :)


  For the chocolate box, perfect for my dirigible's romantic theme.


  For the snow globe when I was suffering the heat wave in Buenos Aires ^^ And also thank you for the balloons when I was feeling sad, that was really sweet of you. Thank you for the St. Patrick's Day gift as well :)


  For the super cute blue sweater.


For the pretty plant that looks perfect in my loft, and also for always being so fun and sweet to me :)



For this super cute puppy in my jet room and the bouquet of flowers. Thank you for not one, but THREE birthday cakes! Thank you for the cute puppy in a hat for St Patrick's day, the super adorable pink bunny and the pink cake and the purse for my birthday. You know me so well! Thank you for the lovely thank you card for attending your birthday party! Also, for being such a good friend :)


  For the pretty flower bouquets,that super cute rabbit for St. Patrick's Day and, of course, the birthday cake! ^^


  For the pretty ballons when I was feeling sad. That was really sweet of you :)


 For the cute puppies in a boxes ^^


  For the pink ballons :)


  For the heart-shaped mirror and thank you so much for the "Best dollz" diploma :)


  For the pretty flower bouquet and the adorable bunny for my birthday :)


  For the wig, the bouquet of roses, the cute St. Patrick's Day globe and the sunflowers.


  For the pretty plant the best friend diploma, the puppy in a box and the pink balloons :)


 For the pretty balloons :)


  Thank you so much for the lovely scarf for St. Patrick's Day, the diploma, the adorable bunny on my birthday and for being awesome and a great friend ^^


For such a cute St. Patrick's Day, the pink cake and the birthday gifts:)


 For the cute little doll!

  For the plant and the birthday gifts :)

 For the lovely flowers.

 For the cute flower and the lady bug. They look perfect in my wedding room! Thank you for the birthday gifts! Of course they are pink <3

   For the mannequin and the pretty plant.

  For the diploma and the box of chocolates.

  For the chocolate box on my birthday.

  For the cake and the present :)

  For the balloons on my birthday :)


For this incredibly cute chibi of myself :)




  For making this beautiful picture of my doll! And for the flower bouquet and the plant :)


 For the lovely pictures and the birthday cake :)

For my membership card for The Catwalk Club and the beautiful blue plant for my birtday :)

 for the banner for winning 2nd place in the OMD's Next Top Fashion Icon contest :)

 For making a beautiful avatar and signature for me :)

Thanks for visiting and be back soon! {#aomd_bisous}


Age Type City Country
28 years Woman Buenos Aires Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Don't have one Keane Gone With The Wind/Breakfast at Tiffany's Chocolate and Starbucks (not sure that's real food lol)
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Glitter Acting Gossip Girl Singing

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