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''Teach me how to fight, I'll show you how to win''


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About The User-

She's 16,

Actually from Canada,

Speaks french and English, and wants to learn Japanese, Latin and Italian because these languages are just amazing!

Loves Dc comic books,

Not really obsessed with harley quinn, I just happened to have half red and  half black hair ( I wasn't originally intending to cosplay anyone, I just like these colours and always wanted to do an half and half, and since blond doesn't suit me and my mom was agaisn't half green, red was the only left option) and somehow decieded it'd be fun to cosplay her and here I am, sksk.

So, I'm like that quiet weird kid who's antisocial irl but is just quite nice and fun online ( What sorcery is this anyway?? )

Likes meme, a lot. Even too much.

I am like extremely open-minded when it concerns music; I love anything as long as the music sounds great and the lyrics make sense! Mozart, Dance With The Dragon's Metal Opera, to heavy japanese Metal aka The GazettE, Jrock; (UnitE), or even old rock (AcDc or Queen) and newest rock; New Years Day, Motionless in white, Falling in Reverse, Metallica, Skillet, The Devil Wears Prada, Jinjer, Or even metal Gods such as Juda Priest or Arch Enemy cause this girl's screaming is amaziiing! Emo Music such as My Chemical Romance. Reggae Music because honestly, you can't seriously not enjoy Bob Marley's songs. I also do like some pop; Micheal Jackson or even Lady Gaga. Goth music Aka Blackbriar, Evanescence or Ulli Perhonen. Or Grunge music such as Nirvana, red hot chilli pepper, Godsmack. Anyway, any kind of music, and I'm even more interested into learning new artists.

I'm in deep love with music.

And I'm like that kid that mainly dress punk/goth, yet, I love dressing grunge and steampunk.


Thanks For Reading, I'll work on the who am I later, but until now, it sounds quite nice.

Still working on my loft, I'm waiting for Halloween shop to open-


Feel free to Dm

Age Type City Country
16 years Woman Quebec Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
I don't really.... Read Description Above- Addams Family Thai Food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black- Legist- Umbrella Academy Drawing

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