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Votes can be returned here or on any of my doll, however I won't always be able to return your votes here.
I can not always leave comments as I vote so you'll just have to look for my name in your 'last votes.'
Historygeek's Objective account
My Other Dolls... (2 of them anyway)
historygeek historygeek3

Focus - Objectives
Goals for Rooms
Third Room: Waiting room for vet office
Bathroom 1: vet office room 1 & 2 (complete)
Main bedroom: vet office room 3 & 4 (complete)
2nd bedroom: Doll's Bedroom (work in progress)
Bathroom 2: Doll's bathroom (complete)
Loft: Doll's living room & kitchen & den
Kitchen: vet lunch room & break room (complete)
Garage: Xmas Room
Living Room: Guest Bedroom
Submarine Room: Doll's Aquatic Vet Clinic

It doesn't matter to me on which account you leave votes. They are all appreciated and to the best of my ability returned.
Besides playing on OMD, I also like watching TV, reading, and playing on my husband's XBOX 360.
I delete gossip to keep my page neat and organized after I read it. I do accept gossip from everyone and don't always remember to check private messages on this account.

Age Type City Country
38 years Woman
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