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{#star}Hello! I'm igvdreki, and welcome to my lil' dollhouse on the internet! <3 {#star}


I love dragons, unicorns, dolls, my little pony, anime, manga, the colors purple and pink, bright colors, rainbows, cats, bunnies, japanese street fashion, paper dolls, and cute things. I know, I'm such a big kid inside{#mdr}

If you're voting from a voting doll, please let me know who your main doll is, so I can check it out and vote back{#applau}

You can add me to your friends or something, if you want, but I doubt I'll be very social. Also, keep in mind that I might go inactive for days from time to time, and come back after days, weeks, even months of inactivity. {#intr}


I'm sorry but I can't be a daily voter, because I don't have enough time of the day to do it or the energy to commit to it.



My extra dolls: ImennaKha 



Age Type City Country
32 years Woman Land of ice and fire! Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Unusual people Shimotsuma Monogatari
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple, pink, and everything bright ^.^ Anything that's fun and creative! AVGN, LGR... mainly stuff that's on the internet ^^; Drawing pretty pictures

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