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21/03/2024 à 02:23:05
+2 from Arlekinlain! Springtime whispers in the...
07/03/2024 à 18:41:03
~Good evening~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook...
10/02/2024 à 03:22:24
Tuesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
06/02/2024 à 20:48:50

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iloveangel has 125 goodness points.


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                                      {#bisou}Welcome To My page {#bisou}


Join us in our group OMD PALS on Facebook and check out our bi-monthly contests. Sometimes they are listed here, and sometimes only there. 



                                           {#new}   NEWS{#new}

     Happy New Years! Hope everyone hope you had  a lovely best new years and I wish everyone to be the best of this New year on 2023 new page and new start 

                {#fete} Happy Birthday ILoveAngel  April 23  {#mdr}  


 * Who Am I Hello I am Iloveangel {#applau}

         * Favorite Stuff  Like to do Its Fashion 

 * Favorite Food Mexican 

            * My Dreams Open My own store of fashion

 * Favorite Music /  Anything songs I like to listen

                     *  Favorite Celebrity Umm??

                                * My Hobby Anything i like to do of my Hobby

                                * Favorite show spongebob squarepants , The Proud family and other shows

                                * Favorite Pleace To Live Las Vagas

                                * Future weddying Paris or London 


                                                 {#gai}  Rules {#gai}

      1. Never ask My p***word or my Other accounts of my dolls read the Rules On OMD Plezz {#star}

2. Never ask Me if you want my dolls or my other ones plezz work hard On Ur Dolls {#star}

3. never brake the rules on this game follow the rules


{#montr} Help Players  {#montr}

1.we well be Glad to help you out if you show us Ur doll so cleck the purple on your loft and message us or comments us so what we will say 

2. if you want more money Go on Bank get sum fezz and work hard on the game 

3.also you could join the OhMyFashionShow or OhMyLoft you will win 150 on OhMyLoft & OhMyFashion you will win 100


                                          Thank you everyone for voting!

 {#intr} sorry for all late vote i was super busy but hope everyone had a wounderful Thanksgiving and chrismas and New Years ~xoxo~ loveangel


{#hypn}Let Me Have a Change to vote everyone Plezz and Thanks ~xoxo~ loveangel 

{#gai} Have A wounderful weekend and lovely vote from iloveangel ~xoxo~ LoveAngel

   {#sad}  Sorry I couldn't vote for awhile due to RL cir***stances... thank you to those who continued to vote in my absence. I am now back to daily voting... thank you again for being such good friends



                       Image result for the word sister

                                              My sister doll


                                     My other sister doll


                               ilovejohanny ilovejosue 

                                                     My Doll


      jesus10ilovemymom mymom4562ilovemymom80ilovemonicailovemonica56ilovemichelleilovedanielailovevanessa2sarah903sahra901  ilovesarahfbi1ilovealexaalexa90                                     xcx 

                   {#magic}All the famous People {#fete}


































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Age Type City Country
24 years Woman phoenix US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
fanny luuu nicke miji pooh mexican
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
rihanna and pink and i don't care i love it taylor swift becky G and cher Lloyd lorde and jessie j fashion show one direction

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