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Flying to Singapore today to attend my cousin's...
12/12/2019 à 21:43:00
Wednesday votes from Julieanne1976
12/12/2019 à 03:22:32
Woke up at 2AM due to jetlag :( Votes xx
11/12/2019 à 22:58:11
Rainy Tuesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
10/12/2019 à 18:55:05

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                                   Image result for happy thanksgiving

        ^-^ Happy Thanksgiving everyone ^-^ 


     I am so Sorry for late vote i am really sick my head hurts a lot and my body hurts but i hope sooner i will feel better

     seond place Yay!!! Thank You everyone who voted for me on OhMyLoft fashion i own you girls

                        my feez                   


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Hello, I'm 19 years old, I was born on Apirl 21 

  I from Arizona 

         Mine Dearms to Become a Fashion Disaster and I make my own clothes and i can't wait to have my own store in the future and I hope you girls like my outfit and the outfit that i made for the OMD

Join us in our group OMD PALS on Facebook and check out our bi-monthly contests. Sometimes they are listed here, and sometimes only there. 

 My New Fashion What I Made For My Other Dollz and I Hope you Girls Like It  {#aomd_bravo}                                            









                       Image result for the word sister

                                           My sister doll


                                      My other sister doll

                               ilovejohanny ilovejosue 

                                                     My Doll




    ilovesarahfbi1ilovealexaalexa90                                       xcx 
                   {#magic}All the famous People {#fete}





















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19 years Woman phoenix US
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fanny luuu nicke miji pooh mexican
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
rihanna and pink and i don't care i love it taylor swift becky G and cher Lloyd lorde and jessie j fashion show one direction

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