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ilovejesus has 4 goodness points.


Don't vote here Vote my account From Iloveangel{#aomd_bravo}

Thank you once who vote for me im 2nd place

1 more day's for the party

{#fete}Welcome To The Party Girl's see You There from my other doll ILOVEJASMINE{#dollgifsorciere} 

Thank You for the Halloween Gift rheasilvia



the Halloween Party it's gonna start on 10/30/2017{#dollgifsorciere}





,AnGeLJoNeS,Julieanne1976, sez,Witch2004,fabuloussprouse,


rheasilvia,zarinen,purpleirisol,yuukio7 {#dollgifsorciere}



Happy Birthday Hope4ever2 Image result for happy birthday dear friend



Today is My Husband Birthday and we gonna go to the movies with are kids and eating on restaurants and going to the mall to buy him a gift 



would like to reach 1k goal's this week any help you give me i would be appreciated and Thank You!!! :)


Image result for happy anniversary 

     i hope you have the best anniversry Miss. sez and Mr. sez


Image result for happy mother day

Image result for happy easter

my birthday its on apirl 21



Happy st. patrick's day

what do you think of my new look girl's {#love}




Image result for thank you  vote



Image result for happy new years 2017




sorry about for the lovey vote im speending the time with my husbend and keep vvoting for me and i will vote for you back and happy new yers and merry chrismas... 





  My best friend Harriet's would like to reach her 1k goal's this week. any help you give would be appreciated~!


Image result for quotes thank you for being my friend Thank You for Being my friend ~_~


Image result for marry

 IM getting marry on december 16,2016




Image result for merry christmas In join your merry chrismas everyone 


      Please Help Me of my votes i Need 300 This week vote and  Thank You!!! for the lovey vote  and i well give you back of 300 this week of votes


one more day of my other sister birthday on 9/21 and my other sister from yesterday she told me that her birthday was fun and lovey day vote from ILoveangel ~_~




             Image result for sleepover invitations


                    +2 vote here is your Invited Hi please come to my party! When Saterday at 7:00 Where in MY place Please bring pajamas and candy and make up and chips Rsvp to me before 9/18/16 from iloveangel




+2 it's almost finish i'm doing my other account to have sleep over to come my house i'm so exited are you exited?? and see you girls tomorrow from iloveangel



Welcome to my House I'm glad you came to have sleep over party!!! Thank You so much Dear Friends I'm happy to see you i have special surpise for you girl's i can't tell you it's a secret +2





  My list for fun:

1. sing a song 


2. cook food 


3. pillow fight 


5. selife time 


4. dress up 


5. make up 


6. candy's and chips and ice creem


7. popcorn movies scray movies or sad movies 


8. prank call 


9. dane 


10. scary stories 



    Thank you for coming to having sleep over party


            arlekinlain julieanne1976  sierradane  witch2004 

                 xlollipopbunnyx  sweettears90  sez    

                  joyceeileen tuvab emeraldlight

     Happy Bitherday Bother



Image result for instagram @lelepons Happy Birtherday sister Image result for instagram @robert95116 Happy Birtherday borther 




Image result for instagram @michellevivaas Happy Birthday sister  Happy 

                                              MY Vote

for a lifetime DOLL VOTE 643 672 709 864  1025 1135 1283 1435 1611 2008 2128

3450 4495 4530 4690


and loft vote 643 672 709 864 1025 1135 1283 1435 1611 2008 2128 3450 4495 4530 4690



this week doll vote 58 87 120 78 118 228 270 340 43 51 41 35 40 56 63 75 89 99 103 112 150 175 182 199 204 211 226 234 246  324 340


loft vote 58  87  120 78 118 228 270 340 43 51 41 35 40 56 63 75 89 99 103 112 150 175 182 199 204 211 226 234 246 324 340




                                  Image result for thank you for the gift









                      HaPpY fAlL BrEak                                


                                     Image result for happy fall break

Image result for fall      


Image result for fall

Happy fall Break

Image result for fall  

                                         Image result for happy birthday


211 happy birthday 3/1/20015

  julieanne1976    4/15/20015




  yoka   7/28/20015Image result for happy birthday for friend  jpg images

   sierradane    10/10/20015Google Image Result for


   hope4ever2 10/7/2015  




witch2004 8/8/2016  


xlollipopbunnyx Happy Birthday 8/11/2016  








sweettears90 04/17/2017 



joyceeileen Happy birthday  9/26/2016 Image result for Happy birthday joyce

Age Type City Country
26 years Woman las vegas US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
NICKI MINAJ lady gaga winnie the pooh mexica food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
all the cat in the hat fashion show one direction

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