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This is my Japanese themed doll.  I got to stay a couple weeks in Japan in a mountain town.  It feels like a part of my heart stayed behind.  I would love to visit Japan again someday.  My main is savynn2 but I don't mind which doll is voted on.

Her loft is in great need of improvements.  I'm waiting for the right materials and inspiration to come along.


June 5th - I still want to replace that rug.  Aside from that there hasn't been too much for kaede to do.  After a bit more saving I'll finally complete the bench in the entry way of her loft.  If I ever get caught up enough I want to return to leveling.

April 29th - I would really like to replace the rug in the loft.  I think it's a bit too bold.  I think a neutral color would work better.  I'd want it to be approximately the same size.  I'd leave the couch.  All that will have to wait but that and finishing the bench in the area to take off shoes are what I'd really like to take care of.


Daruma Dolls

The Daruma dolls are almost all in the Dollz Story shop except for the red one in Ohmydollz basics.  The red seems to be the most traditional .  The dots I found for eyes are in Amethyst.  The left eye is filled in first when you decide on a goal.  The right is then filled in once that goal has been achieved.

Quoting this from a guide not my own.

  • Black:chasing away evil and a successful year
  • Blue: personal achievement and success
  • Gold: wealth
  • Green:good health and vitality
  • Orange: success in school
  • Pink:blessing in love, marriage and giving birth
  • Purple:advancement in career
  • Red:safety and success in every way
  • White:new birth and best wishes
  • Yellow:security and protection

Unfortunately, we don't have all the colors to buy but we have quite a few.


April 10th -I finally found some round dots I can use as eyes for my Daruma doll.  The Daruma doll is the round doll sitting by itself on a table.  Once I finish my main goal I can fill in the other eye.  I was reading and found that the different colors the dolls come in can represent different things.  According to one site, black is for warding off evil and for having a successful year.

April 1st - I'm doing my best to not suc***b to the temptation to spend some money before tomorrow.  I'm thinking there'll be a new quest tomorrow so it'll be best to not do any spending until I see what it is.


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