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Thanks to all who voted for me and thankfully I received all of the winnings




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In Gaelic:
Mo run geal dileas, dileas
Mo run geal dileas nach till thu nall?
Cha till mi fhein riut, a ghaoil, cha 'n fhaod mi,
O choin a ghaoil 's ann tha mise tinn.
Is truagh nach robh mi an riochd na faoilinn
A shnamhadh aotrom air bharr nan tonn;
Is bheirinn sgriobag don eilean ileach,
Far bheil an ribhinn dh'fhag m'inntinn trom.
Is truagh nach robh mi 's mo rogha ceile
Air mullach shleibhte nam beanntan mor,
'S gun bhi 'gar n-eisdeachd ach eoin an t-sleibhe,
'S gun tugainn fhein di na ceudan pog.
Thug mi corr agus naoi miosan
Anns na h-innsean a b'fhaide thall,
'S bean boidhchead t'aodainn cha robh ri fhaotainn.
'S ged gheibhinn saoghal chan fhanainn ann.
Thug mi mios ann am fiabhras claoidhte
Gun duil rium oidhche gum bithinn beo;
B'e fath mo smaointean a la 's a dh'oidhche,
Gum faighinn faochadh is tu bhi 'm choir.
Cha bhi mi strith ris a' chraoibh nach lub leam
Ged chinneach ubhlan air bharr gach geig.
Mo shoraidh slan leat ma rinn thu m'fhagail,
Cha d'thainig traigh gun mhuir lan 'na deigh.

In English:

My faithful fair darling,
My faithful fair darling, won’t you turn back to me;
I will not turn with you, my love, I cannot
For my beloved is lying ill.

I grieve I am not in the guise of a seagull,
Swimming light on top of the waves;
And I would journey to the island of Islay
Where tarries the maiden who vexes my soul.

I regret I am not with my own chosen mate,
On the mountaintop moorland
And no one to listen but the birds of the heath;
And hundreds of kisses I would give to her.

I took more than nine months
In the Indies so distant,
And a woman whose beauty like yours was unseen
And for all this world I would not stay there.

I spent a month in the torment of fever
When each night I did not expect to survive;
The object of my thoughts each day and night
That my request be granted and you at my side.

I will not struggle with the tree I can’t bend,
Though each bough be amply laden with apples;
My fond farewell to you if you have left me,
The sea never ebbs, but follows the flow




It occured to me that of all of my dolls, not one of them had the color scheme of GREEN.  So I thought I'd make another, make her my "Irish" doll with an Irish sounding name and work on making her loft look... well... green :)

 Her name is pronounced:  KEER-NUN and of course she shares the same surname as my main doll & the others: DANE



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35 years Woman
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