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vday is my weakness {#pleur}


About Me                                       Room Directory

Hello! I'm
Kiseu, but just Ki is fine.
Currently I am a full time college student who loves to draw and write <3

My interests revolve around stories and OCs! If you have anything of that sort, please show me <3


I am not daily voting!
My schedule makes me too busy to exchange votes with more than 10 people. Sorry for the inconvenience! >.< I'll try to return as much as I can!


I play this game with my best friend. We both have always played dress up games together, so this is not any different~ Please check out both her dollz!

Another of my old friends play this game as well! Here's her doll:


The fastest way to reach me is by PM. I'll also check through comments, so those are the best options if you need help or want to ask me something about my page.

I never have enough furniture for anything Q-Q but here are the themes for my rooms!

Loft Bedroom by the Sea
New-lywood City Penthouse
Duplex City Apartment
Xmas Cabin Winter Home
BFF Room City Getaway
** = currently decorating



Gift Exchange

I currently have four gift certificates so if anyone would like

to do an exchange with me, please let me know! I am collecting

these bunnies, in any color!


Please PM me if you're interested!


Shoutout to all those who gifted me ♥

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with it in my diary :(
I'm listing everyone now though, so thank you to:

alkione, you're an angel <3 (5.27.16)

emiiexoxo, you darling!! This is the third one in my collection ♥

Arlekinlain, thank you!

Alkione, thanks so much <3

zaya24, ahh thank you so much! The bear is so cute ♥♥

Thank you ladies again! I will definitely find a way to repay you all.

Real life is kicking me in the butt.

Because of that, I decided to stop daily voting for now and will

return when it's less hectic! Please don't vote for me until I return <3

I will still be logging in to chat and stuff though!


Thank you aluralegend!
I want to collect all of these bunnies, ehe ♥
this is officially the second one that I own!
- 06.20.15


Graduation Day!!!
So I finally made it to my high school graduation;

it was a long 4 years but I'm glad I made it through!
I'm totally looking forward to being a college student!

- 06.19.15


2000 lifetime votes!!!!
shoutout to animegirl654 for being my
2000th. Now time for 3000! - 06.15.15


Happy Best Friend to you too, Emie!
you're bae 4 life ♥ - 06.09.15

ahh thank you sugartsweetz!!

You're as sweet as your name <3 - 6.2.15

thank you dragonmcbaine!

for the gift exchange <3 - 06.02.15

stahp it aluralegend :c

thank you for this cute lil guy!! he's perfect <3 - 06.01.15

thanks so much,

this scarf is just too adorable <3  - 06.01.15

heartfelt thanks to

these are so cute; can't have too many of them!! - 05.31.15

rubyheartz08, you're too kind D: !!

I love this; thank you so much! - 05.31.15

omg thanks again, emiiexoxo!!
this bunny is just the cutest thing <3 - 05.30.15


thank you so much, aluralegend!!
this gift is among my favorites so far <3 - 05.23.15


1000 lifetime votes!!!!!
shoutout to sierradane for being my 1000th <3
and shoutout to aluralegend for being my 1001st!! - 05.19.15

ahh thank you liloludiva~

she's so cute <3 - 05.17.15

thanks rubyheartz08!

the gift is perfect <3 - 05.15.15

emiiexoxo = actual angel

thanks for the gift!! It's soo cute; gonna die <3 - 05.01.15




Age Type City Country
27 years Woman US
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