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v welcome to my MEDIEVAL account v

Who is lady-hawke
?  I guess I should start by saying that this is the account that never was.  I decided that I wanted a medieval account when the Robin Hood adventure, which coincided with the release of the 2010 film, was introduced.  Unfortunately, a glitch on MDD caused our server to go down for the entire last day of the adventure... so those who held out, missed out =(
One of the hardest thing about creating accounts on OMD was not knowing what they would grow to be.  Established MDD accounts that I recreated here did not pose a problem... new accounts with unknown creative direction?  Not so easy!
I never got over the longing for that unfulfilled theme, so when making my accounts here, I named one lady-hawke... an appropriate name for any future medieval diva (those who are fans of the genre will know that lady-hawke's name is inspired by a movie of the same title).  The only question that remained was:  Would any future offerings lend themselves to my intention?  The "castle in the clouds" window reward from the Fashion Week adventure seemed to provide a fitting answer ^.^ The perfect addition to lady-hawke's castle, the Heaven Room, later confirmed that decision ^.^
There are a few odds & ends that will be added as I go: the gold potted tree (dratted Flash Sale glitch), the antique storybook, daisy groundcover, a$$orted foliage, some accessories here & there... but, largely, the main loft is complete. 
 Please enjoy your visit to LadyHawke's castle... watch out for dragons!
Beware:  I haven't begun work on the Heaven room... which I currently envision to be a ball or banquet with fmrmal gardens.  Time will tell if that idea comes to fruition :P
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