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~ Welcome to my "MiNi ME" account ~
This means two things...
1) I don't have white hair *gasp*
2) I actually am capable of designing "conventional" living space (~.*)
All kidding aside, this loft is one of my very favorites...  I suppose there are many reasons that I am especially fond of this layout. First, LadyTawny is meant to represent my physical appearance, as well as my personal taste in clothing and decor.  Second, it is a "do over" of the MDD account where I had every free adventure room (even more rooms than my main account)!  This loft was particularly hard to recreate... having lost those rooms, I was left struggling to find an replacements for exclusive furniture that went *poof*.
It took a year, but I finally replaced my garden sky... wöw! That's a long time :P  I also need to find a solution for my "sitting area" (as shown in the mini plan below).  The obvious choice is the matching Summer armchairs... but I found them too bulky for the space (plus the wrong color).  I have selected some recent introductions to fill the "screen" area; that's one nice thing... there is always something new to fit your needs, if you are patient enough!  Immediate gratification is not my style...
Typically, I only work on one room at a time... and, usually, that work is offline.  So, while it may look like not much is happening...  *abracadabra* an entire completed room will appear literally overnight!  I like surprises :P  I hope to be able to add the finishing touches soon... thanks for your patience =)
Fun Fact: The odds & ends in my kitchen alone cost $360!!!
On occasion, I like a loft so much that I borrow the basic concept for a different account.  LadyTawny is one such doll ~ I decided to duplicate this plan with a "change of flavor"... incorporating the walls, flooring, and theme of an MDD account not being rebuilt here.  Unfortunately, the colors and furniture options did not lend themselves to my vision.  Rather than give up, I decided to try a different color scheme and culture... and so Desert Rose Ranchero was born!  Even though orange and red are probably my least favorite colors, I find this desert hacienda just as pleasing as the original.
I consider Desert Rose a sister account (or, at least, a kissing cousin) to LadyTawny ^.^
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