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freezing days and frozen nights. Heater time
28/11/2023 à 19:55:05
~Christmas is a season not only for rejoicing...
28/11/2023 à 01:53:10
~Be amazing today ... believe in yourself ......
27/11/2023 à 02:44:38
We owe a lot to Thomas Edison - if it wasn't...
27/11/2023 à 00:52:13

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~What I Love~



~ November :  ~ Happy Thanksgiving! ~

 ~ Spending the day with my Dad and two brothers (and the little girl inside of me who longs for more happier days) ~






Duplex Bottom Floor: Ancient Greece (Done)

Duplex Top Floor: Doll Room (Done)

Loft: Kind of a dream-home (More or less done)

Forest: Fairies

Heaven: Enchanted Garden (Done)  

Boutique: Bedroom (Done)

Newlywood: Scenes From my story "Alice and the Pirates: Alice Aboard the Milky Way Railroad" (Done)

Western: Native American Village (Done)

Submarine: Undersea Adventure (Done)

Film Shooting: The House of Moon & Stars

Ice Palace: Artic Manor of Queen Elsa (Done)

New Caledonia: Exploring Ancient Ruins in the 1912 era (Done)

Cake Shop: Alice's Cupcake Shoppe (Done)

Yacht: Pirate Fairy Ship: I'm Silvermist, Tinker Bell is at the helm, and Zarina is next to me (in the works, I still need some good fairy wings.)

Fairy Palace: Secret Ireland (Done)

Cloud: Urban Exploring

Aquarium: Under the Sea (Needs some work)

The Penthouse: Wonderland-of-sorts 

Citadal: Disney Haunted Mansion 

Christmas Cabin: Winter-themed at the moment (Done)

Asgard: Home of the Deer 







My other dolls:

Glinda of Italy

WitchMisty of Germany

Falina10 of  France


Starspell of France

My English dolls:





And who is Lady Ofilia (lady0filia), you might ask? She's a minor character in my Crystal Realm book series for children.

"Minor character? Then why use her name?"

Because she founded the greatest city of magic and knowledge known! She was kind to all and a symbol of hope.

Falina10 (French) represents the chracters from my Crystal Realm book series.


I put my cards on Sarahspells' WIA


Age Type City Country
44 years Woman Edge of the World US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Jesus Christ Enya The Last Unicorn Chocolate
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple Best-selling Author Winx Club Helping animals

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