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~What I Love~

~ October 20: .Because of work, I missed the cute Little Red Riding Hood creation, so I made one for my doll Starspell! She came out pretty good despite not having all the parts. What do you think?

~ October 18: .... I still don't know what or who to be for Halloween! Ack! I gotta dress up, I just got to! As a kid I didn't like it when the grown-ups who gave candy out didn't dress in a costume; it made me feel like I was bothering them. Grown-ups who DID dress up always made me feel like they were having as much fun as I was. What to be, what to be...Think, think, think. Oh, bother...

~ September 20:  Thanks to the shop designer Sytliste, who figured it out and posted the information on the French forums, I put together handy links to the individual shops in the Stylist Center for the US server. So if you want something from Mata, or Tia, or Okuan but can't stand having to constantly sift through and hover over items to see if that is from their shop, you can check the links out on my alternate account Firewater:


Scroll down to the bottom of her page. I mostly made it for myself, but thought it would be nice to share it.







32 rooms down for Lady0filia, 6 more dolls and their rooms to go...





Duplex Bottom Floor: Ancient Greece (Done)

Duplex Top Floor: Doll Room (Done)

Loft: Natical-themed room (More or less done)

Forest: Fairies

Heaven: Enchanted Garden (Done)  

Boutique: Bedroom (Done)

Newlywood: Scenes From "Alice and the Pirates: Alice Aboard the Milky Way Railroad" (Done)

Western: Native American Village (Done)

Submarine: Undersea Adventure (Done)

Film Shooting: The House of Moon & Stars

Ice Palace: Artic Manor of Queen Elsa (Done)

New Caledonia: Exploring Ancient Ruins in the 1912 era (Done)

Cake Shop: Alice's Cupcake Shoppe (Done)

Yacht: Pirate Fairy Ship: I'm Silvermist, Tinker Bell is at the helm, and Zarina is next to me (in the works, I still need some good fairy wings.)

Fairy Palace: Secret Ireland (Done)

Cloud: Urban Exploring

Aquarium: Under the Sea (Needs some work)

The Penthouse: Wonderland-of-sorts 

Citadal: Disney Haunted Mansion 

Christmas Cabin: Winter-themed at the moment (Done)

Asgard: Home of the Deer 




~Ghostbuster with a Bat~

by E. Wilde


Chapter 3:

 Scream Fest


If Cherry was only going to answer him by pointing, then Tom Nightrider would have to take her somewhere where she could point to her heart's content: the Mall. Then he'd know for sure if she wanted to celebrate Halloween or not.

October was Tom's busiest time of year when it came to ghostbusting, he knew All Hollow's Eve wasn't the only night ghosts were allowed to wander. So he didn't care much for the holiday, even more so now that people have turned it into a horror fest.

But he didn't want to ruin any possible fun for Cherry. This was her home, now, whether she liked it or not, and Tom wanted to make sure she suffered as little as possible.

We're going to the mall,” Tom told Cherry. “Get your shoes on.” He watched the girl give him a dirty look as she slipped into her tennis shoes. She definitely hated him.

But! Tom wouldn't let it get him down, it was something he knew would happen; there was no use fretting over it.


Cherry answered by walking to the door and waiting for Mr. Night.

All right, let's go.” He opened the door, planning to let Cherry go out first, when he found himself staring at Rachel, his girlfriend.

Hey,” Rachel greeted “where are you two off to? Can I come?”

The mall,” Tom said, “and sure, you can come.”


Nobody saw Cherry roll her eyes.

The mall was in walking distance and they were soon walking into a party store filled with Halloween décor and costumes galore.

So Cherry, do you want to decorate for Halloween?” Tom asked. “Just point to whatever.”

Rachel snickered. “What if she points to everything?”

Cherry could tell that Rachel was a bit jealous of her, since her 'boyfriend' spent more time around Cherry. The woman's question was funny, though. What would Mr. Night do IF she pointed at everything? The wicked thought was pushed aside, though, since she had a strong inkling that the bleary-eyed man would barely show shock or anger or ANY kind of emotion.

Cherry walked ahead a bit and pointed at battery-operated Jack O'lanterns, then a black cat hanging on a door wreath. That's all she pointed to: pumpkins and cats. Well, until she found a Nightmare Moon pony figure and more My Little Ponies themed for Halloween.

Tom eventually had to grab a cart. “What about a costume?”

Ooh! She'd look ADORABLE in this candy corn witch outfit,” Rachel said.

Cherry agreed, but because the woman said it as if Cherry was a baby, she shook her head and walked to the anime-themed costumes. Cherry didn't care much for anime, as all the shows on TV were aimed at boys. There was a lot of pointless fighting that lasted several episodes. It was stupid. She did, however, like a Japanese movie called “Kiki's Delivery Service” and there was Kiki's costume with her cat familiar! Cherry pointed at it.

Tom picked it up.

That's kinda boring,” Rachel said, “a plain black dress with a giant red bow? The cat is cute, though...”

It's what she wants,” Tom said and put it in his cart.

Cherry started for the candy section next, when a mechanical monster screamed at her.

Eek!” Cherry returned the scream.

Gee, that's the first word she said since the 'incident',” Tom remarked.

Then Rachel screamed.

You, too?” He turned to his girlfriend.

Rachel laughed. “Oops, sorry, I-I don't like zombies,” she indicated a life size one to her left and shuddered.

And just when you thought it was over, it sounded like the whole store screamed.

What in the world...?” Tom looked back, people were running and screaming in chaos.

Rachel latched onto Tom. “Y-you don't think it's a zombie apocalypse, do you?”

Tom didn't even bother to give her an 'Oh brother' look. “Let me go see...”

Both Cherry and Rachel yelled “NO! Don't leave us!”

Sigh~ then come with me.”

Rachel clung to Tom, Cherry hugged Rachel, and they slowly moved like a chain to the front of the store.

OhMyGosh what are those!?” Rachel gasped at a cloud of wisps flying around upsetting people and making things fly off shelves.

Trouble...” Tom quickly glanced around. He didn't have his blue bat with him, but the ghostbusting powers weren't in the bat – they were in whatever he touched. He grabbed a broom and Cherry's eyes grew wide as the everyday object gradually glowed a soft blue. Tom was about to sprint forward, when Rachel screamed anew and somehow hit the broom out of Tom's hand.

The man grunted, thinking: “This is why I don't have people come with me on a normal job run...”

The broom, back to its boring self, was too far away to retrieve. Tom grasped the next nearest item: a Star Wars lightsaber, incidentally blue. When it magically lit up, Rachel just a s sumed Tom had turned the toy's switch on.

This is no time to PLAY,” Rachel said. “We should get out of here!” She screamed again when the cloud of wisps headed their way, and soon Cherry joined in on the scream fest as both girls flailed about trying to disperse the cloud.

Tom just stared at them for a minute; shaking his head, one hand on hip. Then he leaped and swung the ghostbusting lightsaber, sending the earthbound spirits to Heaven.

Someone turned the fire sprinklers on and a p i m p e-faced employee apologized. “Uh, er, I thought the water would evaporate the weird cloud thingie...Did it work?”  

Everyone was soaking wet now. Rachel groaned; Cherry whimpered a little; and Tom gave the boy a tired look. “Yeah, that's what did it.”

Cool. Hey, those were some fancy lightsaber moves you had there. You gonna be a Jedi for Halloween?”

Tom handed the toy sword to Cherry. “No,” he flatly spoke.


Cherry stared at the lightsaber, thinking “Brooms are traditional for witches – not space laser swords.”





(Previous chapters can be found on Sarahspells' WIA)



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And who is Lady Ofilia (lady0filia), you might ask? She's a minor character in my Crystal Realm book series for children.

"Minor character? Then why use her name?"

Because she founded the greatest city of magic and knowledge known! She was kind to all and a symbol of hope.

Falina10 (French) represents the chracters from my Crystal Realm book series.


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