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It was 8 degrees when I woke up and now it is a...
21/01/2019 à 19:06:11
21/01/2019 à 13:30:38
I feel like the weatherman lately: 3 degrees...
21/01/2019 à 02:25:37
Sunday votes from Julieanne1976
21/01/2019 à 01:49:34

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I'm voting for people I'm pretty sure don't play anymore. So, I'm looking for new daily voters. If interested, PM me!

Long time friends, don't worry! I read your pages. I know about life, I have one too. I'm not going to ditch you because you have "stuff".



Hello! I'm Morwen!

I'm an adult, but I still love dress up games.

I enjoy reading, relaxing, and playing games. I have a talented daughter, an awesome partner, and two great cats.

Please note: I do silent votes only. No comments!

I only have one account, and I'm not a VIP, so I am limited to 10 votes a day. I'm pretty faithful though, and don't miss many days.  :)



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