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Tuesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
20/02/2024 à 16:59:51
~2 votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
20/02/2024 à 02:14:55
+2 from SIERRADANE: A well-developed sense of...
20/02/2024 à 00:24:11
~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
19/02/2024 à 03:46:34

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laurelali has 75 goodness points.

Jury President

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Thanks for the reminder of Chinese new year .

Snowflake Wishes!!! Please keep my lifetme votes even!

how about BOTH lifetime and daily. I can usually even them out with help, but now that I did gossip doll quest I get a vote when I give a vote, so it’s hard to do. It would be nice if 1st place winners of the shows wouldn’t enter the show again early. please wait 2 months. Remember when we used to have to wait 6 months? Please be considerate.

Been working on my flirt level! 46 (Mike) I think- way ahead!

My game level is at 222! (No where to go after that?) wonderland!!

I have been off of VIP for a long time.  I was on long enouth to get the 2 rooms Bali VIP and VIP lodge (and of course the VIP room, but can only look - can't use it now cause no longer have subsciptrion). 

 From My Diva Dollz to.....OhMyDollz 
prayer changes things-- prayer for inner peace as well as peace to the world
My character has raven hair and loves Harry Potter-(she is sooo Ravenclaw), magical-supernatural shows, crime/detective shows, mysteries....
but no horror-slasher shows please!
whose line is it anyway show is only one that makes me belly laugh..
New York room is sleek Black & White loft, garage is my chapel, street is a talent contest, high school room is a designer's sewing room and fashion show, workshop hat store, master bedroom is law office,   
So many rooms, so little time.....

newlywood room! {:€}  North pole room 



Age Type City Country
100 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Gary Sinise-actor Basia, Haley Westenra Any fairytale theme French toast-cinnamon
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Teal-Peacock creative writing-poetry Ghosts pencil drawing-sketching

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