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od news everyone!
I've started my first year in University (again)...

Things are starting to look brighter, thank you all ^^

I'm on a bit stronger medication now, so I feel a bit better, 

thus I've decided that I'm going to learn electronics and try to make a dumb phone of my own!

I already use a dumb phone as my primary phone because its battery lasts for about a month which allows me to always respond if anything was to happen to my father!


I'm going to start developing (using big words here :P ) on something that's called an Arduino, it supposed to be quite easy, and thus far I've managed to make a small light blink! 0o0


I've also started to learn how to program, code, and wow there's a lot, I've decided on the programming language Go, because it seems to be simple but still very powerful, but we'll see how the things will go!



Side note: What's the possibility that i'm a psychopath and/or mentally challenged?

└ Very interesting, I too have been asking this very question, but hey, what's the difference         between being sane and insane?

   └ Who knows...

Few months later...
I'm kinda giving up on Uni...
But I don't know what else to do with my life :S


Hey, turns out, I'm going to p*** this year in the uni!

Yay ^^

I will have to redo one subject next year, but that's all, so if I'm good and manage to p*** all the exams next year when they come, instead of letting them pile up right at the end, I might be able to p*** the second year with less troubles then the first one!

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