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04/12/2017 à 03:30:26

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leria has 12 goodness points.


Left some votes to my dear friends wo continues to vote for my doll... Thank you very much! (26/08/2013)


Sorry, yesterday was pretty hectic and I couldn't come to vote :((28/11/2011)

I had problems with the internet connection in the middle of voting yesterday so I couln't vote to everyone. (25/11/2011)

Sorry, I won't be able to vote tomorrow, but I will definitely vote on Tuesday (13/11/2011)

I like the new adventure, but I decided not to do it with ths doll. I'm saving some money for Christmas and now I don't have enough money for it (I spent it on the Halloween adventure).

Nowadays I'm a little bit busy with school but I come and vote. (08/11/2011)

I thought that it is impossible to get the Casino... I have to say now that it is possible. I got the casino with one of my dolls on the german version :D I was very suprised when I saw the 3 rubys in a row... (02/11/2011)

I'm still working on my new voting system. I would like to ask my daily voters and those who would like to exchange daily votes with me to send me a PM. Thanks a lot! (10/10/2011)

I reached my goal with your help! Thanks a lot! You're the best! Thanks again, I'm extremely happy now :) I've return as many as I could, I will return the rest tomorrow :) Wish all of you a great night!

By the way, about my new voting system, I would like to ask my daily voters and those who want to exchange daily votes with me to send me a PM. I remember most of my daily voters but because I won't have much time to come online I don't want to give votes to those who left the game.

I still need 60 votes to reach my goal. I'm closer than last week. If I can't do it now I give up because I will be busy in RL in the next few months. I will remake my voting system too. Thanks for the votes here and in the Fashion show too :D Wish all of you a great Sunday! (09/10/2011)

Today I made two new dolls. Don't expext much, first I want them to get 6 bucks daily so I used their money to train them. As their name show it they will have different theme.s One of the will have spreing theme and the other will have winter theme. (06/10/2011)

I have two other dolls that I madel ast week. they will be fairies, I'm still thinking of what to do with them...

It's Wednesday and I already have more than 100 votes :) Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help to reach 500 weekly votes :) Wish all of you a great week! (06/10/2011)

for the votes this week. I can't reach my goal, but I will try again.

On monday I have to talk about the decentralization of public property in Poland, so today I worked on it. I finally finished it but now I'm pretty tired so I only give quick votes. (01/10/2011)

I This week I try to get 500 daily votes. I would really appretiate your help to reach my goal :) Of course I will return the votes. Thanks a lot in advance. (26/09/2011)

Thank you very much for your help!!! I always knew that there are a lot of nice people here :D Even if I can't reach my goal I'm still very happy! Wish all of you a great weekend! (29/09/2011)

This week two of my friends tried to get 500 votes and they  were successful :) So I decided to try it too next week. I would really appretiate your help to get 500 doll and 500 loft votes nect week between 26th september and 2nd october. (25/09/2011)

Sorry, for not voting yesterday. I didn't have time to vote, but today I returned all of the votes :) Wish all of you a great weekend! (24/09/2011)

I have my 25. birthday today (21/09/2011). I have a lot of great frineds here. I got some pics as presents:

This pic was made by my dear friend Roseaddict, who also had her 25. birthday last week!

And this pic is from the very nice Dainaluvsuju who also sent me a birthday cake!

Thank you very much!

Two of my friends are trying to get 500 votes this week! If you have some extra votes I would be happy if you could give some to and to . Thank you very much in advance! (2 days until my birthday) (19/09/2011)

Everyone is invited to my little bithday patry! Would you like some?

 I love the new adventure, there are so many beautiful gifts :D I'm still thinking of doing it with this doll (I did it with my voting account Leria2:)) Today I gave a lot of votes but I couldn't give double votes to all of my daily voters so I made a list and I will give more tomorrow :)

Sorry, I don't have time to vote today. I just logged in to get my money. I will give double votes to my daily voters tomorrow and I will save my last 100 votes to be able to return all the votes tomorrow. Wish all of you a beautiful Sunday! (3 days until my birthday) (18/09/2011)

Today I decided to get the exclusive pack as an early birthday present for my birthday next week :) So I got new rooms, but I still need to get things to decorate them, so don't expect much in my new rooms. I hope this game won't end like MDD and I will have time to finish those rooms too. (4 days until my birthday) (17/09/2011)

I almost forget to do the personality test to get this hair, and the dress of course, we can make it till tomorrow.  I feel that it's the perfect hair for the outfit in the mountain now :D Wish all of you a great weekend! (only 5 days until my bitrhday) (16/09/2011)

I've just realised that I will have my birtday next week (21. september), I only have 6 more days to say that I'm 24 years old, next Wednesday I will be 25. For me it doesn't really matter but I feel a little bit bad when my sister tells me that I will be quarter century old... (15/09/2011)

I couldn't come online yesterday, but today I returned all of the votes and left double votes to my daily voters :D I though I won't be able to do it today, because I had problems with the internet but I could finish it :) Wish all of you a great night/day!

I couldn't vote yesterday. I had fever and other things happened and I realised that this was the worst day of the year for me :(

I'm really sorry for not voting yesterday. I had a really bad headache and my eyes hurt very much so I couldn't come online :( (04/09/2011)

Sorry for not voting yesterday. When I logged in to vote something came up and later I didn't have time to come. (29/08/2011)

I'm back but I think you already know that :D  I'm still thinking of doing the adventure. I have enough money but I don't really like pink things and now a lot of gifts are pink... (25/08/2011)

I won't be able to vote in the next few days. Tomorrow (19/08/2011) we will go to visit some relatives and we will come hom e next tuesday (23/08/2011). Wish all of you a great weekend!

I'm back from the vacation, it was really good. I took a lot of pictures and you can see some of them on my page now. We visited a lot of beautiful places.

Thanks for all the votes you have left me last week!

I will go on a trip with my family between 6-15 August so I won't be able to vote.  Till then I wish all of you a great time!!! (05/08/2011)

I got my 3000. doll vote from cutegirl28. Thanks to everyone who votes for my doll and helped to get this many votes :)

I don't have time to vote today. I'm going to a cl*** reunoin with my high school cl***mates and I'm still half ready and I have to go soon. I will return the votes tomorrow. ... It's a little bit funny I was on a cl*** reunion last week too (with my grade school cl***mates) When they will ask me "what did you do durng the summer?" "I went to cl*** reunions :P" (30/07/2011)

My arm is better now, I already forgot it hurt a few days ago :) Today I was able to do the***rcises I usually do without any probem. (28/07/2011)

Finally end of the hot days :) It was really hot here, for about a week it was over 35 °C in the shade, but since yesterday it's raining a lot. Now it's only about 20 °C. 15 °C cooler than a few days ago, the weather is a pretty crazy now. But as I've read the same happens all around the world. (22/07/2011)

Today qiuck votes only, something happened with my arm and it hurts now. I hope after some rest it will be alright tomorrow.

I'm sorry for not voting during the weekend, I wasn't at home, I had a cl*** reunion with my grade school cl***mates :) (26/07/2011)

Today in the evening we will go the watch the last Harry Potter movie. I hope it will be good. I haven't read the last book to be albe to enjoy the movie. (22/07/2011)

I can't vote today, there is someting wrong with the internet now, it's really slow, it took me almost 10 minutes to vote to people. Tomorrow morning I will return all the votes. (10/07/2011)

Sorry for not voting yesterday. My notebook was reinstalled but then I had some problems with it so we had to take it back to be reinstalled again. I've got it back now, hope now everything will be ok. (09/07/2011)

Hi all! I'm finally back :D Thanks for votes :) I wish you all a great week! (20/06/2011)

I might not be able to come online tomorrow because my I have problems with my notebook and it will be reinstalled and I might get it back on Thursday. (05/07/2011)

Today my sis had tonsillectomy, she can hardly speak now and has to stay at the hospital until Friday... (05/07/2011)

Sorry, I didn't have time to come online yesterday, but now I will return as many votes as I can :) (03/07/2011)

Today I started to make my loft, it was high time to do it, but it's still half made because I need more money to finish it... (30/06/2011)

Sorry for not voting yesterday, I'm very busy now and I can't vote until Sunday. (15/06/2011)

Sorry, I tried but I can't vote today. A storm is coming and I have problems with the internet, it's really slow :( I will try some more, but if it doesn't work I will return the votes tomorrow morning.(10/06/2011)

I won't be able to come online in the next two days, I left some extra votes today in advance :) Wish all of you a great weekend! (04/06/2011)

Sorry, for not voting yesterday, it was a really tiring day, but now I will return all the votes :) Wish all of you a great day! (02/06/2011)

I went to watch the new Prates of Caribbean movie with my sis yesterday, I loved it :) Oh, during the weekend I will be studying for my next exam (Hungarian political system) I will try to vote in the next two days, if not I will return them on monday. (27/05/2011)

I've just got home after my exam. I have to say that I did pretty good, I got a 5 (we get marks from 1 - means you failed - to 5 - the best-) It was worth studying for days. :)(24/05/2011)

A new week again... time flies so fast. Sorry, I can't vote today, I will have an exam tomorrow and I need to study some more. I'm reading Earl Babbie: Fundamentals of Social Research, it's interesting but very long... I will return all votes tomorrow after my exam. (23/05/2011)

A new week has begun, wish it will be great. I have to study for my next exam, it will be on Saturday. Oh, the dresses that can be got when you purshase fees are pretty, but I don't think I will get any. Btw I did pretty good last week at the tests :) (16/05/2011)

Today I returned as many votes as I could :) I will continue tomorrow. Wish all of you a wonderful day/night :D (12/05/2011)

I'm sorry for not coming yesterday, and I can't vote today either :( Yesterday I had cl***es in the morning and in the afternoon I was studying for tomorrow's exams and in the evening I was writing an essay. Today I was studying for my exam and I've just finished my essay and send it to the teacher. Now I'm extremely tired (it's past 11pm here and I got up at 6 after 5 hours sleep, and I'm not used to it - I usually sleep 7-8 hours) I will vote tomorrow, I promise. See you! (11/05/2011)

Thanks a lot, I try my best, I had 2 exams today, and I will have one on Thursday. Oh, I would like to do the adventure but I don't have enough money :( I love the chinese part at the end... I did the adventure with my german doll :) (05/09/2011)

I'm really sorry for not coming yesterday, I'm studying for exams and to tell the truth I lost track of time and forgot to come. But I will return yesterday's votes too today. (05/08/2011)

Hope all of you have a great begining of May :) Mine wasn't good. I had fever today, so I couldn't go to write the test at school, I have to write it next week, but I will have 3 more exams then :( I have to study a lot this week...

I simply love this new dress. Even though I don't have much time today, I couldn't miss it :D Wish all of you a beautiful Sunday!

Beacuse of the sale in the Garden shop and the Magic Cupboard I used up all of my money, but I don't mind. I won't have much time to care about my house in the next few weeks, so I will save up some money to reamke another room :D

Today is my name day  :) (we celebrate them in Hungary and they are just as inportan as birthdays :) ) So I've got a lot of messages. I was happy that I've got messages from people whom I met years ago :D  (04/28/2011)

Yesterday evening I went shopping with my sis and our childhood friend. I got some new shirts. There were a lot of programs too, cause it's Fashion days there now :) (04/10/2011)

I'm sure you're already used to it, but sorry for not leaving gossips. I'm busy with school now. Thanks for the understanding and you know that I return all the votes that I got :)

I wrote the tests, I'm still waiting for the results though. But I have to write some essays, and they will consume a lot of time :S (29/03/2011)


I made some dolls:


to be able to return all the votes. If you get votes from them they are from me.

Hi! I'm Leria01 from MDD. Since MDD was closed I began to play here. Now that I think about it, it's already the middle of August. It's been more than half year since the end of MDD. It's good that I could meet a lot of my old friends and I also made new ones here. I hope we can still countinue to play this game for a long time together!

Age Type City Country
31 years Woman Szeged (Hungary)
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
gothic rock, pop Transformers fruits, chicken
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
green listening to music, reading

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