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They say some families are born cursed. My family is one of those. For some unknow reason males never live past their forties and twins are cursed. My family believed in a red phoenix that lays dormant in a volcano that grants the power to control fire. For generations, my family have been born with the power of the phoenix. Fire does not hurt us but bends to our will. We can die once and come back to life through fire and flames. But phoenixes in our family rarely live p*** their fifties and often times die in childbirth p***ing on their gift. That is how my mother perished. After laboring for two days, they say my mother combust into flames and burned away to ash. and within the ash lay a baby, me with a glwoing symbol of Mars imprinted on my forehead. My wails were drown out by the ring of fire around my small body. My mother had died giving me her gift. I was to be the next phoenix, like my mother and grandmother were before me. Many in our clan saw this as a blessing. i saw it as a curse. 

I didnt realize how terrible a curse it was until I turned three. Since my mother died in disgrace, i was p***ed off as the *** daughter of one of my aunts. I hade three aunts: Jade, Yeh-Shen, and Mei. Yeh-Shen was who my grandfather decided to settle me with. Yeh Shen hated me from the moement of my birth. On several occ***ions she tried to smoother me in my sleep and when that didnt work, she tried to beat me. I didnt understand her hatred till my third birthday. My uncles had come for a visit and the while family wa gather at my grandmother's sprawling mansion. My uncles finally told me why Yeh Shen hated me so much. Her hatred steemed from jealous she had towards my mother, her older sister and the fact he baby born the exact day and time I had been died while i had lived. Yeh Shen blamed me for her child's death. After a particularly hard birth Yeh Shen gave brith to another child, a girl. Of course she blamed me for this too. she wanted, need a son. Her husband had two other wives and they had given him sons but Yeh Shen had been unable to since the death of her first born baby, a boy. that boy was born at the same time i was. Yeh Shen blamed me so fiercely she decided to do away with me that night. In a furious, mentally state, she chased me through the house with a knife. she slashed into my flesh and broke my ribs. Holding me down, Yeh Shen attempted to stab me through the chest. I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN! Yeh Shen screamed and thrust the knife into my chest. My scream pierced the night. As i screamed, my body was engulfed in a ball of flames. Yeh Shen screamed and jumped away. Her arms and legs were burned. Third degee burns covered her right side and her limbs. Unconcious everything around me burst into flames. every step I took the flames grew under my feet. everything i touched incinerated. My long black hair turned silver. My clear gray eyes turned gold. I burnt down the small house we were standing in before I finally collapsed and the flames stopped. 

Age Type City Country
33 years Woman London UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Mulan; Pride and Prejudice
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
crimson red Doctor Law and Order cooking, martial arts

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