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Name: Momo Morigawa (森川 桃)
Race: World Walker-Anime World Hybrid
Age: 26
Birthday: August 11, 1990
Height: 5'0"
Hair: Pink (changes to blue or black when sad)
Eyes: Brown
From: Kawagoe, Japan
Family: Mother, Father
Occupation: Private Investigator

10/29/16, shyginger4 and littlepeach90 for “Halloween 201?” replay quest


“Man, what is it with people and vampires? They either want to marry them or they want to kill them all. There’s literally no in between!” Momo tossed the sheet of paper aside, but Nit scooped it up with her magic and floated it over to herself.

“So are you in or what?” Nit asked as she refolded the piece of paper and put it back into the envelope.

“Eh, it’s been so long since I’ve fought,” Momo said slowly. “I’m probably a little rusty, but hey! What the heck!” She sat up on the sofa and smiled eagerly at Nit. “Come on, Nit! Let’s go!”

Nit rolled her eyes but followed her friend out to the garden. There, Nit quickly opened up a portal to the world that had written for her help.

The town that the letter had originated from was almost straight from some story book. Like a mosquito forever captured in amber, the town seemed trapped in time as well. Seemingly on the cusp of just discovering indoor plumbing and electricity, however, big satellite dishes on some of the roofs spoiled the nearly pristine view.

Somebody came out from one of the houses. “Are you the World Walkers?” he asked as he looked between Nit and Momo.

“Yes,” Nit said. “I’m Blathnat, but you can call me Nit. And this is Momo.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, although I wish that it was under better circ.umstances,” the man said as he shook their hands. “We’ve been plagued with this vampire for over a year now. He hasn’t been bothering our livestock, which we’re all very thankful for, but he is going after all of our women.”

“Women, huh?” Momo asked as she stroked her chin. “Maybe we should have handed this job off to your brothers, Nit?”

“Nah, we can handle a vampire,” Nit said firmly.

It was more for the man’s sake than to remind Momo. After all, Momo knew exactly what her strengths were, and Momo knew what Nit could do as well. They didn’t need a man to take care of one pesky vampire.

“Tell us, what does the vampire do? Does he lure women up to his… home?”

“Yes,” the man said. “It’s happened with all of the women in town between the ages of fifteen and thirty.”

Momo and Nit exchanged a glance. Then, they turned towards one another.

“Jan ken po! (1)” the girls exclaimed in unison. Momo threw paper, while Nit threw scissors.

“Darn. Best two outta three?” Momo begged her.

“No way! Besides, do you honestly think for two seconds that the vampire will think that I’m not a day over thirty?” Nit asked with all seriousness. Even though Nit looked the same age as Momo, she was actually pushing fifty one.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Momo agreed with a heavy sigh. “Fine, I’ll be the bait. But you’ve got to promise that you’ll be the bait next time!” Nit rolled her eyes but agreed anyway.


That night, Momo went to bed, with a little secret stashed away in her breast pocket: Nit, who’d transformed herself into a mouse. As she slept, a shadow pa.ssed over the window, before the window opened.

Momo jerked awake, and clutched at the blanket as a man approached her. “Aren’t you just the most beautiful woman that I’ve seen before,” he said in a voice like silk against bare skin.

“Um… Okay,” Momo said. “Are you a vampire?”

“Yes. My name is-”

“OH MY GODS! YOU’RE JUST LIKE EDWARD FROM TWILIGHT! I REALLY LOVE TWILIGHT! So oh my gods, this one time, my friend Sayae and I were talking about who was better: team Edward or Team Jacob, and Sayae was all like ‘Oh my gods! Obviously team Jacob is better!’ and I was all like ‘Oh my gods, Sayae, you’re an idiot! Because team Edward is obviously the superior team!’ so then she-”

The vampire, with a look of pure annoyance on his face, quickly knocked Momo out with a bit of vampire magic. He caught her as she fell backwards, and in a heartbeat, whisked her (as well as Nit) away from the room that they were given.

They appeared in a castle, and the vampire lay Momo down on the top of a stone slab that seemed very coffin-like to Nit. He left her, then, and Nit jumped out of Momo’s pocket. She transformed back to normal, and crouched over Momo to access what the vampire had done to her. He’d put her into a slumber, and she’d naturally awaken in a few hours.

However, Nit didn’t want to wait for that to happen, or for the vampire to come back. So she roughly slapped her friend on the face.

Momo gasped loudly as she sat up, and looked around with confusion. “I feel like I fell asleep in a graveyard,” she whispered as she hugged herself for warmth.

“You might as well have,” Nit said as she looked at the stone slab that Momo had been placed on. It was indeed a coffin as Nit had first thought.

“Well, at least we’re in his castle, even if we don’t know where ‘here’ is,” Momo said as she got off of the stone coffin. “We’ve just got to find the other girls, free them, and then defeat the vampire. Not necessarily in that order, but yeah.”

“Do you think that if we defeat the vampire, that his hold over the girls might go away?”

“Maybe,” Momo said with an absent shrug. “Worth a try anyway!”

They left the room behind and started to walk around in search of the vampire. However, after a few minutes, they came across a young woman, who was maybe a couple of years younger than Momo. She was dressed in a gauzy, white gown that seemed completely at odds with the frigid temperature in the castle. She let out a startled cry upon seeing the two of them, but Nit was quick to rush over to her and silence her with a spell. She then knocked the girl out, and started to root through the girl’s mind to see what exactly the vampire might have done to her.

“He has her under a heavy attraction spell,” Nit said after a moment. “It’s almost like the kind you see with cult followers.”

“Can you break it?” Momo asked as she looked around anxiously for signs that somebody had heard the girl scream.

“It’s… hard to say,” Nit said carefully. “Let’s just stash her somewhere, and hope that defeating the vampire breaks whatever hold he’s got on them.” Momo agreed, so they picked her up and carried her over to an alcove where an old suit of armor was. They put the girl behind the armor, and continued on their search for the vampire.

“Would it be easier if we split up?” Momo asked after walking seemingly aimlessly through the castle for an hour.

“Yeah,” Nit said. “Be careful, and crystal me if you run into any trouble.”

“Thanks, you too,” Momo said. They parted ways.


Another couple of hours later, around sunrise, Nit got an urgent crystal from Momo that she’d finally found the vampire, and he was trying to put her under an attraction spell, just like the girl that they’d encountered earlier. Nit hurried to where Momo was, and found the girl in her full Magic Girl costume, lobbying frilly hearts at the vampire, who just seemed exceptionally baffled and annoyed that somebody didn’t unconditionally love him.

“But you said that you were team Edward!” the vampire pleaded with her.

“I LIED! Twilight is for whiny babies! And Edward is a whiny baby, and so is Jacob!” Momo roared at him.

Nit quickly set the walls on fire, and sent the fire towards where the vampire was. It quickly surrounded him, and the girls walked towards him. “What do you think, Mo?” Nit said as she regarded the vampire through the flames. “Let him go if he promises not to start up another harem again? Or should we just kill him and wash our hands of this nasty business?”

“Please! I’ll do anything!” the vampire cried out as the flames started to lick against his skin. The air was filled with the pungent aroma of flesh being burned.

“Now you see, the problem here is that I believe you. And it’s a problem because you’d say literally anything so long as we don’t kill you. Say that you’re a pickled yam!” Nit sneered at him.

“I’m a pickled yam!” the vampire screamed out.

Momo gave Nit a look, and the older girl quickly extinguished the flames. “On your knees!” Nit barked at him. The vampire sunk onto his knees. He was crying, but instead of salt-water, blood dripped from his tear-ducts. “You have to swear on your grave that you won’t start to make another harem again. You have to swear that you won’t use your powers to make anybody love you! SWEAR IT!”

“I s-swear!” the vampire choked out.

“Very well. Go and release all of the girls from your spell. We know how many were taken, so we’ll know if you’ve stashed any away!”


It was well into the afternoon by the time the vampire had located all of the girls and removed the spells from them. They were all equal parts confused, frightened, and homesick. However, Momo and Nit didn’t want to send them outside into the unknown without all of the girls, so they made them stand by until the vampire had released all of the girls.

“But where is Belinda? One is missing, and I don’t know where she is! I promise!” the vampire said at last.

“Belinda?” Momo asked with confusion. “Is she about yeah-high, with long, blonde hair and blue eyes?”

“Yes, that’s her!” another girl said.

“That’s the girl we knocked out!” Nit exclaimed. They rushed to the alcove where they’d stashed her, and thankfully found her still under Nit’s spell. She awoke her, and the vampire removed the spell.

“We will take our leave now,” Nit said as Momo herded all of the girls towards the front door. “And just remember your promise. We know where you live, so if we start to hear reports of girls going missing, then we’ll be back to finish what we started!”

She hurried away from the startled vampire, and met up with Momo outside. As it turned out, they weren’t too far away from the town where all of the girls had vanished, maybe a day’s walk through the forest. Most of the girls had decided to just leave Momo behind, and they were running through the trees to return to their families and homes.

“A job well done?” Momo said as she watched the girls go.

“A job well done,” Nit agreed.



1) Japanese version of rock-paper-scissors 


4/25/16, littlepeach90 for “Indian Colors” replay quest


“Momo! Momo!” my friend, Siddhi, exclaimed. I could hear her from downstairs, but I knew that if it was important enough, she’d come to me. A second later, I heard her feet stomping up the stairs, down the hall, and then she burst into my office.

“Momo!” She stood panting in the entrance of my office.

“Yes?” I said calmly, as if I hadn’t heard her shouting my name for the past two minutes.

“Rajiv proposed!” Siddhi exclaimed as she shoved her left hand under my nose.

Sitting on her ring finger was a delicate silver band, lined with small diamonds on either side of a larger diamond. I knew that with both of their salaries, it was the best that they could do. But it was still beautiful.

“Oh. My. GODS!” I screamed.

“I KNOW RIGHT?!” Siddhi agreed at the top of her lungs.



Our screams eventually devolved into just excited shrieks as we held one another and jumped up and down with excitement. It lasted until the man on the ground-floor shop burst into my office.

“止める!” he barked out.

“御免なさい, Himura-sama,” I said with a deep bow. Siddhi echoed my apology and my movement.

“My customers were certain that a demon had taken up residence up here!” he snapped at us before he left.

“Oh my gosh, Momo!” Siddhi whispered once we could no longer hear Himura-san’s footsteps on the stairs. “I can’t believe that Rajiv and I are finally going to get married!”

“Me neither!” I agreed with a huge grin on my face. “The two of you have been dating since school. I never thought that I’d see this day!”

“He’s only just proposed to me last night, and nothing is settled yet, but I know one thing: I want for you to be my maid of honor.”

“Of course!” I agreed. I hugged my friend tightly. Then, we sat down and started to eagerly discuss all things wedding.


As the wedding plans progressed, Rajiv eventually convinced Siddhi that they should have their wedding in India. After all, the entire reason why they’d even started hanging out was because they were both Indians living in Japan.

“I’m a little nervous about returning to India,” Siddhi said. I was helping her to pack for the wedding and her honeymoon.

“You might be Indian, but you were adopted by a Japanese family,” I said. “You’re as Japanese as anybody.”

“I know, but I want to get into touch with my roots,” Siddhi said a bit sadly. “Rajiv and his family came over here when he was in high school, and it’s very important to him. I try to be as enthusiastic about everything India as he is, but I find it hard. I feel like a stranger in my own nationality, Momo. That’s why I agreed to his desire to have the wedding in India.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eye. “Look, Siddhi-chan. You don’t have to explain anything to me. Ever. You’re my friend, and I’ve known you for a very long time now. Even though we have our differences, we’ll always have the things that bind us together. Like the key lime pie incident.” We both shuddered with fear for a moment. “So if you feel like you need to do this, then do this.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. We hugged for a moment before she pulled away. Siddhi wiped the tears from her eyes and turned back to all of the clothes that we had spread out over her bed. “Okay, now enough of that touchy-feely stuff! I have to pack for my wedding and honey moon!”


The flight to India went without incident. Although I knew that I was going to loathe the country as soon as I stepped off the plane and felt my hair instantly start to frizz and I started to sweat. It was so humid! I had known that it was supposed to be hot here, but this was too much for me! How do people live like this?! Why?!

The bridal party had arrived a few days ahead of when the rest of the wedding guests were due to arrive, because we all wanted to do touristy stuff while we were here. However, after Siddhi and Rajiv were married, they’d go on and continue to tour India, but that was part of their honeymoon. Bridesmaids not welcomed, if you know what I mean!


The day after we arrived, the three of us went down to the local market to just look around and see what there was to see. While Siddhi’s other bridesmaid, Sayuri, bartered the price over some mangos, a little monkey came up behind her and pulled her camera right out from her bag.

“HEY!” Sayuri screamed at the top of her lungs when she realized what had happened. She took off running.

“Oh no, you’d better go after your friend!” the merchant told us. We bolted after Sayuri, but quickly lost her among all of the other people in the market.

“Excuse me, a monkey stole my friend’s camera,” Siddhi said to another merchant.

“Those darned monkeys!” the merchant said. “They’re a real problem around here. The monkey probably took it up to the temple at the top of the hill up there.” He pointed, and we looked up, and saw a flash of red running up the stairs. Sayuri.

“Thank you!” Siddhi said before we bolted off after Sayuri.

We found her in the temple, talking with a young Indian man. She was holding her camera and looked flushed, although it was hard to say if it was from running after the monkey or if it was because the man that she was speaking to was exceptionally good looking.

“Ah, here are my friends,” Sayuri said when we approached her. She held up her camera. “Got the little thief and got my camera back!”

“Good, I’m glad.”

“Ah, this must be the bride-to-be,” the man said. “I am Sanjeev, one of the caretakers of this old temple.”

“I am Siddhi, and this is Momo,” Siddhi introduced us.

“Siddhi, what a beautiful name. Before my mother died, she always told me that I had a baby sister named Siddhi. However, thanks to the strict social norms here in India, she gave my baby sister away so that maybe, she’d have a better life.”

“Oh, that’s so sad,” Sayuri gasped out.

“It is, but we are working very hard to change things in India so that women have more rights and that girls can live to be women,” Sanjeev said.

“Hey, Siddhi, you’re adopted, right?”

“You know that, Mo,” Siddhi said to me with a frown.

“It’s just… How many people have the name Siddhi here in India? People who are missing a little sister?”

Siddhi’s eyes went wide, and she scrambled to grab the necklace that was tucked beneath her shirt. It was the only thing that she had from her biological family: a beautiful lotus necklace.

Sanjeev gasped when he saw it, and then he pulled a necklace out from under his own shirt. It looked exactly like Siddhi’s necklace. Exactly like it.

Siddhi gasped when she saw his necklace, and her eyes started to tear up. “All my life, I’ve wondered about my biological family. I thought about my mother, my father, my grandparents… but I never imagined that I’d have a brother.”

“And I never once imagined that I’d ever find my sister!” Sanjeev said. The two of them embraced warmly.

“I’m not crying,” I said as I wiped tears from my eyes. “You’re crying.” Sayuri laughed gently.


And so, Siddhi and Rajiv were married, with an unexpected third groomsman at their wedding: Sanjeev. Rajiv welcomed Sanjeev into their little family warmly, happy that Siddhi had found her long-lost brother, and that she was happy.

“I can’t believe it,” I whispered to Sayuri as the wedding guests waved Siddhi and Rajiv off after the wedding. “Our little baby Siddhi, all grown up and getting married!” I fell against her and started to loudly sob. “My baby’s gotten married, and now she’s off to have babies of her own!”

“I’m just glad that she’s happy,” Sayuri said around tears of her own. “And that she got a super unexpected present when she came back here.”


“Yes,” I agreed as I pulled away from Sayuri. “Yes, this had a happy ending all around!”

11/25/15, bowiejulie and littlepeach90 for “Didoll” quest


“Your weird Asian friend?” David asked Julie. He blinked with confusion when she’d announced that the person that she wanted to direct her next music video should be one of her friends, Momo.

“Yes,” Julie said with a frown. “And she’s not weird.”

“Her hair is naturally pink,” David pointed out.

“And we met when I fell through a time-travel vortex and became stranded in 77,” Julie pointed out with an annoyed frown. “I had a pregnancy that lasted for over forty years. In comparison to Mo, she’s the normal one.”

“Fair enough,” David said. And then he offered her a coy grin. “I do enjoy her company, though. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to practice my nihongo.”

“Baka,” Julie said. She gave a playful punch to his arm before she walked away. “I have to pack, and you should, too!”


The Jones family spent about half of their time living in a large-ish estate on the outskirts of London, but they also held a residence in Manhattan. Alex went to school mainly in London, so Janan would stay behind in England with her daughter, and she would also take care of Sarah while Julie and David were in New York, filming Julie’s latest music video.

The flight from London to New York wasn’t all that long to Julie, seeing as how she traveled via plane a lot more thanks to her new-found fame as a pop-star. A limo was waiting for them at the airport, and quickly whisked them away to the studio.

There wasn’t even a single screaming fan waiting outside of the airport. Nobody knew that either of them were going to be in New York besides the studio crew, and they’d all signed confidently agreements not to discuss what happened, for fear of 1) a lawsuit 2) being fired from their job 3) being blacklist so that they’d never be able to work with famous people ever again.

But, the studio was one that had worked with the likes of Madonna and Beyonce, so the people who worked there knew perfectly well how to keep their mouths shut!

When they got to the studio, Momo was already waiting for them. “Jay, it’s so good to see you again!” Momo said. She offered Julie a warm hug, which the ginger quickly accepted. “And Jones-sama. It’s an honor and a delight to meet you again.”

“I’m honestly a little worried about Julie’s sanity when she said that she wanted for you to direct her next music video,” David told the pinkette with a frown.

“It’s not like this is a three-hour movie or anything, Jones-sama,” Momo said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Most of the stuff, Julie has already discussed at length with me. I’m just going to put everything together and really make it pop. You might have lost the Music Video of the Year Award last year to Taylor Swift, but this year, you’ll be up on that stage, stammering out your thank yous!”

“I sure hope that I won’t stammer!” Julie said a bit shyly.

“Ai, you get flustered whenever you have to talk to red-carpet reporters. I can’t possibly imagine how you’d stumble over yourself if you actually ended up winning an award,” David told her gently. He wrapped his arm around her wait and Julie leaned into him. He pressed a kiss onto her temple. “Although, if there’s anybody who deserves an award, it’s you.”

“Domo,” Julie whispered a bit shyly.

“Anyway,” Momo said around an awkward cough. “Come take a tour around the set with me. And then we’ll have to do last minute fitting for your costume. And yours, too, Jones-sama. We’ll being filming tomorrow.”


Like with all of Julie’s other albums, she had a theme with her third album. She hadn’t released the theme yet to the rest of the world, although they were eagerly anticipating what it might be. Her first theme had been the French aristocracy. She’d gone to every event in full costume, and the stage for her shows had looked like it was a set of a play set in that time period, rather than for a pop music concert.

It was thanks to her first theme that people had thought that she’d go with another time period for her sophomore album. However, she’d surprised them all and gone with a Swan Lake inspired theme.

All bets were off, and Julie was once again snickering to herself as she walked onto the set wearing a simple tye-dyed tunic and soft jeans. Her hair was pulled into loose pigtails, and a flower crown sat waiting with a stage hand just off the stage. David was already on the set, dressed in a similar outfit like Julie was wearing.

“Ai, if you’d only come to me in the 60’s, things could have been so different,” David said as he walked towards her. “You could have helped me to prevent a lot of pain down the road.”

“Yes, but you know that I’m bound by the Time Traveler’s Code not to discuss things like that,” Julie said. “I broke more than enough rules telling you about Janan, and dropping hints about the things that you did. And I’m not even going to mention all of those songs that we recorded!! Ugh!” She gripped her face and moaned with displeasure.

“Alright, if you’re done chastising yourself or whatever you’re doing, let’s get this show on the road,” Momo exclaimed as she stepped onto the set. The set looked like a giant, gra.ssy meadow, with a giant oak tree off to one side. Although at the moment, the sky was nothing but a green screen, but they’d edit that all in later.

“Let’s do a step-by-step walk-through of the song, and then we’ll do one that’s a little less stop and explain, okay?” Momo said. She started to talk them through what they were going to do for the opening and the ending of the video. David would only be in the beginning and the ending, singing a little, but generally just being “arm candy” for Julie.

After they were finished with that, then they started to act like they were going to film, but they weren’t really. Then, they started to actually film.


Filming the opening and closing of the music video took two days. Momo was never quite satisfied… either one part would be off, or some other part. Julie was annoyed and exhausted, but she was glad that she’d asked Momo to help her. Momo was like her— a perfectionist. She wouldn’t rest until everything was just so. And that included the video.

Finally, both girls and David were satisfied with different bits of the video that they could move on to the middle part. David wasn’t in this part, but there were a bunch of back-up dancers.

“BRING IN THE LION!” Momo screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Lion?” David asked with some confusion. “Why wasn’t I told about a lion?”

Two stage hands came onto the set, escorting a giant, clear crystal and golden lion. It was almost something that would have been turned into a book end or something, except that it was the size of a real lion.

“It’s beautiful,” Julie whispered. She reached out a shaking hand and touched the main of the lion. It was cool to the touch, and felt like nothing more than crystal under her hand. The lion blinked clear eyes at her, before it opened it mouth and gave a great but silent yawn. “It’s not going to hurt me, will it?”

“Nah, it’s as tame as a kitten,” Momo explained. “Let’s do a quick walk-through of the middle part, and then we can get rolling.”


Julie Jone’s newest music video opened up on a scene of Julie walking towards David, who was resting in the He sang to her, called her his queen, and offered her a flower crown that he’d made for her. Then, she put her head on his lap and fell asleep. The middle part of the music video was akin to Alice in Wonderland. Julie wandered around a magical kingdom, rode on a giant crystal and golden lion to defeat a monster, and then was crowned queen while the people that she’d saved celebrated. She woke up to David singing to her at the end of the video.

“Julie!” Momo said with an excited squeal. “The people love you! It’s only been 24 hours since the video was released, and already the video’s gotten over two million views on youtube!”

“Oh my gosh! I’m just so happy!” Julie said as she practically tackled her friend in a giant hug. “People enjoyed my videos before, but this one… this one is golden! I can practically taste that award, Mo! Thank you so much!”

She left Momo in the living room and ran upstairs to tell David the good news. “So then, ai, which one of your friends do you think should direct your next video?” David asked her with a wink.

9/14/15, littlepeach90 for “Road Trip” replay quest (part 2 of 2)


“I can’t believe that you’ve never been to New York before,” Amy said to me as she unlocked the doors of her restaurant, which was downstairs from the apartment where I’d spent the night last night. “I mean, it just doesn’t seem at all possible. You’ve done so much stuff, but the single most interesting point in the entire world, no matter which world that you’re in, is New York. And you’ve never been here.”

“I’ve been busy, okay?” I protested as I followed her into the restaurant. “But I’m here now, so that’s what matters.”

“Amy,” a man in a sharp business suit said as he stepped into the restaurant. I didn’t know when the restaurant opened, but I knew that it wasn’t open now, because Amy had literally just opened it.

“Nico,” Amy said rather dismissively. “This is my old school friend, Momo. She’s from Japan.”

“Oh great, are you one of them?” Nico asked as he eyed me suspiciously. I had no idea what Amy had done to this man, but judging by his reaction towards me, it couldn’t have possibly been nice.

“Yes,” I said without hesitation.

Nico sat down at the bar, and snapped his fingers.

“Nobody else is in yet, Nico, you’re going to have to wait,” Amy said as she vanished into the kitchen. I stood awkwardly between the door and where Nico sat at the bar.

“Why are you here?” I asked him with some annoyance.

“I’m here to help make sure that the neighborhood is protected,” Nico said with a sneer. “I tried to offer my… services to Amy, and I was introduced to something that I had previously no idea about.”

I chuckled slightly. “I don’t think that you even really understand even a tiny fraction of what we’re capable of.”

“So you’re like Amy and her delightful sister?” Nico asked.

“In a way, yes, but at the same time, different,” I said. I reached into an otherspace pocket and pulled out my manga. “You like Sailor Moon?”

“I don’t know what that is?” he said with some confusion. A moment later, Amy came out from the kitchen with a plate of eggs, which she literally threw down in front of Nico.

“Don’t effing trans in my restaurant, Mo,” she said with annoyance. “Nico, if you want to make yourself useful, you should show Momo around town a bit. She’s never been to New York before.”

私は、自由の女神を見たいと思っています,” (1) I said with a cheeky smile. Nico glowered at me.

“I’m not a tour guide, Amy,” he growled out at her. Instead of a verbal response, the vines that grew on the walls started to rustle in a way that could only be described as angry if you knew Amy well. Which I did, thank you. “Fine,” Nico said to me. “Would you like to see the Empire State Building?”

“Yes,” I said with a big grin. “I’m the Japanese tourist and you’re my guide.” I linked my arm through his.

Nico let out an annoyed huff, but lead me from the restaurant.

“I’ll see you guys later,” Amy said as she saw us out.

“I want to ride in a taxi,” I said eagerly.

“I have my own car,” Nico said, as he gestured to a black SUV with dark windows. A buff man leaned against the car, smoking a cigar.

“But I want to ride in a New York yellow cab!” I protested.

“Why? Those things are disgusting, the people who drive them barely speak English, and they always charge you too much. As your personal tour guide to New York, I will provide my own transportation. After all, I’m honestly very frightened of Amy.”

“Don’t be, she’s a big kitten. Now, you should really be afraid of her sister. AJ is scary,” I told him as I patted his arm.

“I met her once, when the restaurant first opened,” Nico said as the man opened up the car door for us. “I never want to interact with her ever again.” I threw back my head and laughed.


We drove into New York City, which was the epitome of New York cliché, much to my glee.

“What do you want to see first?” Nico asked as he fiddled around with his phone.

“Um… everything?” I said as I looked around.

“Well, you have to pick something to see first,” Nico pointed out absently.

“Fine, I want to see the Statue of Liberty!” I said. “I also want one of those… foam hats with the spikes on it? You know, like the Statue?”

“Fine, we can get you a hat,” Nico said. We spent a few minutes driving through the traffic before the statue appeared between some buildings.

We had to take a ferry onto the island where the Statue is, and Nico’s body guard came with us. “Get the girl a hat while we get some tickets,” Nico said.

His bodyguard went off with comment.


After we went up to the top of the Statue, we then went to see the Empire State Building. After we’d finished with that, it was just about lunch time.

“I want a New York hot-dog!” I said, pronouncing hot-dog in the Japanese way: hotto-doggu.

“There are a bunch of five-star restaurants around here, and I’m in with most of them, but you want a disgusting hot dog off of a cart because of some Japanese cliché of it?” Nico asked me with annoyance. But I was already walking across the street to where a hot-dog stand was.

With some annoyance, Nico payed the vendor for our lunches, and after we’d eaten the hot-dogs, we got some soft pretzels, followed by gelato.

After we’d finished our meals, we went to take a walk through Central Park. “I remember watching about this park on Law & Order,” I said to Nico as we strolled through the park. “Do you think that we’ll find a dead body?”

“I hope not,” Nico’s guard said quickly. “We don’t want to get caught up in a criminal investigation.” He and his boss exchanged a quick look, which I couldn’t interpret.

“Actually, you remind me a lot of the current ADA on SVU,” I went on as I considered Nico. “You know… the snarky Cuban man. Oooh, I love him!”

“Never seen it,” Nico said with some irritation. I got the feeling that he got it a lot. I couldn’t say for sure if he had actually seen the show or not.

We went down into Grand Central Station for a moment, but I wasn’t overly impressed. “We have subway stations in Japan, and they’re always busy,” I said to Nico as we walked through the station. “They have people whose job it is to push people onto the trains, to pack as many people as possible onto the trains. It’s completely insane.”

“Yes, but you have the powers that Amy has, where you don’t need to ride on the trains… right?” Nico asked.

“Yes, but there’s just something very calming about riding the train in the middle of summer,” I said with a faint smile.

“I don’t suppose that you’d want to see a Broadway production, would you?” Nico asked after a moment.

“LION KING!” I exclaimed with delight. Nico clenched his teeth, but he turned to his bodyguard.

“Get us some tickets to Lion King,” he said. He said “Lion King” like it was the dirtiest phrase in existence.


After the production, which was completely amazing, Nico took me to a wonderful, five-star Italian restaurant.

“I’m not so sure about all of this cheese that they put onto everything,” I said around bites of lasagna. “But I’m completely in love with American-style bread-sticks! おいしい!!” (2)

Nico chuckled slightly, and, despite everything, I thought that we had had a real bonding experience today.

“How long are you going to stay in New York for?” he asked after a moment.

“Oh, I don’t know…” I said slowly. “I think that I saw all of the high-lights. I have a lot of homework, so maybe I should spend one more night with Amy, and then head back home in the morning.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to see you go,” Nico said, but I could tell that he was relieved to hear that.


After dinner, Nico’s driver took us back to Amy’s restaurant. I said goodbye to Nico, who couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

“He seemed nice,” I said to Amy as she served me some chocolate cake.

“He’s a crime lord,” Amy explained. “He owns half of the city here. When we first opened, he came in and tried to threaten me if I didn’t agree to pay him an extraordinary amount of money. Money that, quite frankly, I just don’t have. Will probably never have. But I was having exactly none of that, and decided to tell him that there is a heck of a lot more in the world than just some drug lords in New York.”

“Muahahaha, I can only imagine,” I said as I threw my head back and laughed. Nico, a drug lord, scared of a woman who’s half his size. Only because she can make plants grow.

I’d pay good money to see that in theaters!

“But, he was very nice to me, and because of that, I’m happy to have said that my first trip to New York was a success!”


(1): I want to see the Statue of Liberty! (Although I'm a little uncertain of the words here... I think that the translation website gave me “statue” and “liberty” and not the actual “Statue of Liberty”... I'll have to look into that, but I don't care.)

(2): Yummy!

8/13/15, littlepeach90 for “Sarah’s birthday 2012” replay quest




So very cold…

I awoke with a startled gasp, only to find my breath misting in front of me. I scrambled to my feet, only I slipped a little on the frost-covered ground.

Oh no. What in the world had happened to my room? There was a big hole in the wall with the window, and it looked like a winter storm had swept through.

Maybe having a winter storm invite itself into my room wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was August. Winter storms did not happen in August.

I looked around my room with some dismay. Everything was in tatters; it looked like some monster had ravaged the room.

Was that what was going on? Was Tokyo being attacked by a monster again, only it got a little lost and ended up here instead? I reached into my otherspace pocket and pulled out my battered copy of “Japanese Magic Girl”.

“Anime Power, Make Up!” I screamed as I flung the book down onto the ground. I transformed into my alternate self, Sailor Momo, defender of super spicy nacho cheese and the original Nicktoons. (Not nearly as catchy as Sailor Moon’s motto, I know, but… come on. At least I’m honest!) With my costume came some relief from the freezing temperatures. You could go literally anywhere in the costume and always be at the right temperature. A trip to Arizona leaves you feeling refreshed, while a trip up to Svalbard leaves you feeling cozy.

Once I no longer felt like I was freezing to death, I went over to where my phone had been charging, but it wouldn’t even turn on. I guess something had swept through here and killed all of the electricity as well as destroying my room and causing a blizzard in the middle of August.

“So much for GPS or my facebook friends to clue me in on what’s going on,” I said as I dropped it down onto the destroyed remains of my desk. I leapt out the huge hole in the wall and started to head downtown. Maybe somebody somewhere was still alive and could tell me what was going on.

But as I walked around town, I saw no one. Nothing but snow and ice and destroyed houses and shops. Even my old high school was a complete disaster.

“School’s out for winter… School’s out forever… School’s been stomped by a giant monster… again,” I sang under my breath as I ran past it. I knew that it would make lots of people very happy, but that was, of course, presuming that the high school students were even still alive. Where was everybody?

I was just walking down to get to the train station to maybe see if I could get into Tokyo a little bit quicker when something rammed me from behind. I stumbled a little, but quickly righted myself. The thing was huge— I could see its shadow in the moonlight behind me— and it sounded hungry.

“Verb… Anime Boomerang!” I screamed as I launched my attack at it. However, the attack didn’t seem to deter it much. It was huge, and… um… actually, a little hard to make out. It seemed to be made of moving shadows.

If my friends were with me, we might be able to defeat it, but I was all alone. I was trying to summon the energy for another attack when something moved out from the shadows of the train station and rammed into the monster from the side. The thing was a giant wolf, about as big as the ones from Mononoke Hime. And just as horrifying.

The wolf snapped the neck of the shadow monster and the monster vanished in a puff of black smoke. Then, the wolf looked over to me. “Um… good boy?” I said with some hesitation. The wolf sat and its tongue lolled out. I walked over to him and he sniffed my hand and allowed me to pet him.

“Neat. I’ve always wanted a snarky animal sidekick, just like in Disney movies,” I said. “Come on, boy!”

As we walked around in search of answers (or better yet, more monsters to fight…), I decided to name the wolf Yama, or Mountain, because he was about as big as one.

We walked around until I grew tired. But the funny thing was… we must have been wandering around for hours, and we saw nobody, and the sun didn’t come up. What in the world was going on here?

We curled up between two houses and I lit a small fire to keep our spirits up. I curled up against Yama’s side; he was plenty warm, even without my uni on. I wasn’t sure if it would stay on while I slept, or if I’d wake up in what I’d been wearing before, so it wouldn’t hurt to be by Yama and his warmth.


I awoke to a low growling in Yama’s throat. I opened my eyes, startled that he’d be making that noise, but then understood why— four men were shoving spears into my face. Apparently, they thought me more of a threat than my giant wolf pet.

Before I could so much as move, let alone to attack them, one of them knocked me on the back of my head.

“ITAI! What the…” I growled as I rubbed the back of my head. Then, one of the men picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. His really, really toned shoulder…

He carried me up to a ship that was floating above the city… by means of a giant pair of butterfly wings.

“Um… that was not there last night…” I said as I craned my neck to look up at it. Then, I looked back and saw the other men following us… and Yama following after the men. “Grr, traitor!” I yelled at the wolf. He only lolled his tongue out and looked very smug. “Traitor!”

I let out a startled yelp as the man who was carrying me dropped me down on the deck of the ship. “Ah, you must be Sailor Momo,” a man said as he walked over to me.

“On behalf of the super spicy nacho cheese, I’ll punish you!” I yelled out as I struck a pose. But then tumbled over and tripped over my own feet. “Nope, not gonna make that pose again, either,” I grumbled under my breath.

“We are not here to attack you, Sailor Momo,” the man said as he yanked me to my feet and brushed me off a little. “We’re here to ask for help.”

“Oh,” I said rather absently as I pulled away from him. Then I adjusted my skirt and fixed the bow on the front of my uniform. “What can I help you with? There was a shadow monster thing down in the city, but Yama killed it. Or at least, sent it back to where ever it came from.”

“That’s not what we’re after,” the man said. “We’re here to talk big picture with you.”

“Okay, so there’s something that’s sent the entire city into a deep freeze, and also everybody’s gone,” I said.

“Yes, I must admit that it’s an after effect of our presence here,” the man said. “Everything will go back to normal as soon as we leave. We wanted to test you, though, to see if you were worthy. We sent one of our creatures down to see if you were worthy enough to walk by his side.” He pointed behind him to where Yama was sitting happily by the other men.

“You mean that thing is yours?”

“Yes, but now, we’re going to give him to you. As a gift, and also to help you with your quest,” the man said. “We want you to help save the world.”

I chuckled slightly as I tossed my cotton-candy locks over my shoulder. “Honey, what in the world do you think that I’m doing? I don’t wear all of this-” I gestured to my uniform. “-as a fashion statement.”

“We mean, bigger picture than Godzilla,” the man said. “Humans are destroying the earth, but we need your help to put a stop to them.”

“Don’t know what you expect me to do to help with that… but… whatever. I’m at your service. Or whatever.” I tossed my hair again, and struck a snarky pose. “Actually, yes! This pose is perfect! What do you guys think?”

The man clapped his hands and slowly pulled them apart. Something that glowed a powerful, green color appeared between his hands. It was so bright that I had to hold my hand up in front of my eyes to shield them. When the light faded, a green amulet was floating between his hands.

“Do you accept the calling, Sailor Momo?” the man asked.

“Sure,” I said without hesitation.



I awoke with a strangled gasp. I was lying in my futon in my room, exactly like how it should be. There was no giant hole in my wall, and, from what little I could see through the window at this angle, it was still the middle of August.

Something nosed open my bedroom door and a half-sized Yama ran into my room and over to me. He started to lick at my face eagerly. “What just happened?” I asked as I pushed Yama away and stood. “I didn’t have a dog before.” As I moved, something heavy clunked against my chest. I reached inside the yukata that I slept in and pulled out a heavy, green amulet. It was the one that I’d been offered on board that strange, butterfly ship.”Um… okay. Guess I’m actually doing this now.”

I walked down the hall to the bathroom, Yama following after me. I turned the light on, and then looked up at my reflection in the mirror, startled. “WHAT THE HECK?! I LOOK LIKE CAPTAIN PLANET!!” My normally cotton-candy pink locks were now a rich, forest green. “…I actually look darn good in green.”

4/8/15, littlepeach90 and flautistgirl08 for “Space Opera” quest


“Molly, Momo, I know that neither of you are under my jurisdiction, but I have a quest that nobody else is willing to do right now,” Adalric said to the two girls one morning when they came to his school to see AJ, Amy, and Blathnat.

“Why not?” Momo asked.

“It’s because it’s one that takes place in a sci-fi universe,” Adalric explained. The girls exchanged a look. Sci-fi and magic weren’t exactly two things that got along real well, and there was a reason why World Walkers tended to stay out from those types of universes.

“Well, what’s the quest about?”

“It’s not overly urgent, at least, not right now,” Adalric went on. “There’s a small, terraforming planet and they’re being plagued by space pirates.”

“Oooh!” Momo gasped with pleasure. “Sign me up!”

“What, really?”

“Yes, and Molls is going to come too!” Momo went on as she grabbed her friend’s arm.

“Wait, don’t sign me up for this!” Molly protested.

“Come on, Molls! What else are you going to do? Visit our friends in the infirmary and then go home to George?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m-” Molly started, but Momo cut her off.

“We accept the quest!” Momo yelled over her friend.

“This is excellent!” Adalric exclaimed. Both of them completely ignored all of Molly’s protests. Adalric herded them out to the gardens, where he would open portals. There were a bunch of them there already, but he lead them to one near the back gate, and opened it. “The man that you’re looking for is named Wrekeq. He’ll explain everything to you. Just show him this.” He handed Molly an envelope, and then Momo pulled Molly through.

The world on the other side was strange shades of orange, with a pink sky. A small city lay in front of them, and strange people with a rainbow of skin colors eyed them with curiosity. “Um, excuse me, we’re looking for… Shoot, what did he say?” Molly asked the nearest person, a lady with maroon skin and four eyes.

“Wrekeq,” Momo spoke up.

“Oh, he is our esteemed leader,” the woman said. “He lives in the big house at the center of the city. You can’t possibly miss it if you go down this road.” She pointed down what appeared to be a main road.

“Thank you very-” Molly started to say, but Momo pulled her away from the woman and started to run down the road. The Asian woman barreled past lots of people, although most heard the complaints of everybody else after a moment and wisely moved out of the way. It was all that Molly could to do follow after her friend and to exclaim apologies to the people that Momo ran into and knocked down.

They soon reached the big house that the lady had described, and Momo ran up the steps, with Molly trailing after her, a little out of breath. “Oy, we’re looking for Wrekeq!” Momo exclaimed as she burst into the house.

“Yes, I am Wrekeq,” a man said as he came out from one of the rooms. “I do not know you; you are not some of my citizens.”

“No, we’re not,” Momo said, and then snapped her fingers at Molly until she handed over the envelope that Adalric had given her. Wrekeq took one look at it and then smiled warmly at the girls.

“Ah, you’re here about the space pirate problem. Please, come into my office.” He lead them into an office, which was rather ordinary, besides the fact that all of the furniture was floating and glowing. Wrekeq pulled up a 3D image of a space ship, and then several, blurry photos of a couple of people. “As I’m sure that you’re already aware, we’re being plagued by space pirates,” he started. Both women nodded at this. “This is their ship, although, we don’t have enough information about the pirates themselves, or else we would talk to the Intergalatic Space Police to have the problem solved. However, they have told us that we must know who has been stealing from us in order to press charges.”

“That’s bull… roar,” Momo exclaimed, but caught herself from saying something vulgar.

“Yes, I quite agree, but there isn’t much else that we could. Which is why I sent out feeler to just about anybody that I could to see if they’d help us.”

“What exactly do they do?” Molly asked.

“They come about every fortnight and take about half of the crops that we’ve grown,” Wrekeq explained. “The reason why we picked this planet to grow our crops was because it has a high yield rate; that is to say that things grow exceptionally fast here.” Molly nodded with understanding, but Momo was looking at the 3D image of the ship and spinning it every which way. Then, she started to blow up the blurry pictures of the crew. “We haven’t been able to get clear images of what they look like because they’re smarter than that,” Wrekeq went on. “They wear masks, and only take them off when they’re on their ship. These ones-” He indicated the ones that Momo was looking at. “-were taken as they got onto their ship.”

“So you just want for us to… take pictures of them?” Molly asked with a slight frown.

“Yes. Just get on board their ship to find out at least some of the names of the people, but don’t engage. These people are dangerous, and they’ve already killed three of my citizens since they’ve been coming around for the past six months.”

“Well then, if they come around every other week, then when’s the next time that they’re due back?” Momo asked.

“Sometime within the next day or so.”

“Shoot, it’s a good thing that we came when we did,” Momo said.

“Could you take us to where they normally land?” Molly asked. Wrekeq pressed a button on his desk, and a woman came into the room.

“Nephab, these ladies are here about the space pirates,” Wrekeq explained. “Could you arrange to have them taken out to where they normally land?”


Within half an hour, Molly and Momo were hidden in some bushes near the preferred landing site of the space pirates. “How long is this going to last?” Momo complained. “I really have to pee.”

“I told you not to drink all of that, but you wouldn’t listen. And Wrekeq said that they should arrive either today or tomorrow. We’ll give it until the day after that, and then see what else we might do until the pirates return,” Molly said.

“It’s just that… I REALLY have to go!”

“Go over there!” Molly huffed as she indicated some strange, purple bush-like plants about fifteen feet from where they were. Momo stood up and ran as fast as she could over to them. As she relieved herself, a shadow moved over her, and she looked up to see a shuttle-pod fly overhead and land a few feet from where Molly was still hiding.

As Momo watched, the ship landed and several people wearing masks got off and started to pick the crops. They all had guns, but since there wasn’t anybody but Molly and Momo, who were still hiding in the bushes, the pirates were more focused on harvesting the food rather than trying to fend off attackers. Momo looked across the field and caught Molly’s eye. She motioned towards the smaller ship and the two of them started to run towards it. They were on the opposite side of the ship from where the pirates were, so nobody noticed as the girls ran on board.

“Now what?” Momo hissed to Molly.

“Find a hiding spot,” Molly said simply.

“What’s in here?” Momo asked as she pulled the lid off from a large, plastic container. It was filled with strange, green grain-like stuff, but aside from that, it was the perfect hiding spot. The girls climbed in, and Molly pulled the lid back over the container.

“And now we wait.” They waited for about fifteen minutes before they felt the pod take off and then land about a minute later on board the mothership. They heard muffled voices and the sound of the crew getting off from the pod, and then had a brief moment of panic when the crate that they were in was suddenly lifted up and carried off.

“How long should we wait to come out?” Momo whispered into Molly’s ear. She could only give an absent shrug. After what seemed like ages, Molly finally stood up and pushed the lid off.

“Don’t move,” a cool voice said. Molly let out a soft “Eep!” of fear when they realized that the crew of the pirate ship had the crate, which was sitting in the middle of the loading bay, completely surrounded.

“You really don’t want to do that,” Momo said as she pulled her katana out from her otherspace pocket. She elbowed Molly in the side, and the brunette fumbled for her magic wand.

“I’m warning you; I know how to use this!” Molly stammered out. She held the wand with both hands, although she was still trembling slightly.

“Are you seriously going to fight us off with a katana and… what is that thing, anyway? A children’s toy?” one of the pirates asked. Momo elbowed Molly in the side again, except that inside of Molly springing into action, the girl let out another startled “Eep!” and accidentally fired off a bolt of magic.

It bounced around the room for a second before it hit one of the pirates in the back and promptly turned her into a giant, pink, fluffy bunny. “What?” the woman exclaimed. “Why’s everybody looking at me?”

“Who are you people?” one of the pirates asked.

“We’re going to mess you up if you don’t stop stealing food from this planet!” Momo yelled as she leapt out from the crate and marched over to the pirates. They all backed away slightly.

“It isn’t what you think!” one of them protested.

“Then you should tell us what to think before my friend here turns you all into animals!” Momo roared them.

“We used to live on this planet!” the bunny girl said. “We lived here, and just went about our lives. We were a peaceful people, but then, one day, these other people showed up. They pointed guns at us, and said that they were taking over the planet for terraforming. We had no more land, and every time that we tried to rebuild, they would just come and tear our houses down.”

“This is all that is left of our people,” a man went on as he gestured around to everybody. “They slaughtered everybody else. I used to have a wife, and a daughter. She’d maybe be around your age. But they killed them!”

“Oh my gods, that’s horrible,” Molly gasped. She climbed out from the crate, but she tripped and fell. A man hurried over to help her up. “Here, let me…” She quickly turned the bunny back into a human female. “This entire thing is nothing more than a horrible, racist, misunderstanding.”

“Just because you guys were kicked off from the planet doesn’t give you guys any right to barge in and start killing them, though,” Momo pointed out.

“Yes, it makes you just as bad as they are. Why didn’t you try to find another home for yourselves?”

“Because we were already societal pariah when we came to this planet,” a man explained. “Nobody wants to house us on their planets— they think us thieves and ruffians. That we’ll bring the entire society down.”

“Mo, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Molly asked the magenta-haired woman.

“That’s there’s grain in unmentionable places in my clothes?” Momo asked as she picked at her jeans in an attempt to shake loose the grain.

“No, that we should bring them back to our own universes,” Molly said. “These people are just looking for a home, somewhere where people aren’t going to judge them.” Momo looked around at all of the people.

“You guys could all easily get confused for human, so I can take you back with me to Japan,” Momo said after a moment.

“You’re really going to do this? For us?”

“Hey, it beats you guys either being arrested for being space pirates or being killed off by the people who took over your planet,” Momo said with an absent shrug. “Do you want to come with us or not?”

“Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” was the general consensus.

“But how are we going to get them back to your universe, Mo?” Molly asked.

“So you know how stretchy portals can be?” Momo asked. Molly nodded with agreement. “Well, I guess that we’re going to find out just how stretchy that they can really be.”


“You brought who WHERE?!” Adalric yelled at the girls after they’d gotten the alien refugees settled in Momo’s hometown.

“I’m sorry, but these people were in dire need of our help!” Momo protested. “And I don’t know why you’re yelling at me. It’s not like they’re in your universe.”

“Yes, but you only went into the sci-fi universe on my orders! Oh no… I going to have to…” He started listing all of the paperwork that he was going to have to deal with.

“Whatever,” Momo said with a roll of her eyes. “It’s not like he’s going to have to deal with the long-term repercussions of having to acclimate two dozen space aliens to living in Japan in 2015.”

Age Type City Country
27 years Woman Kawagoe, Japan Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby

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