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20/10/2018 à 02:02:32
Seeing more and feeling less, Saying no but...
21/10/2016 à 00:11:31
+2 of bouboulejunior , good day :*
28/10/2015 à 18:02:06
Merry Christmas~!! I made cut out sugar cook...
23/12/2014 à 15:46:26

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  Always I left silent votes!!!

13 October 2013

Hello :)

Today i have time to leave some votes, i vote all of you.

See you again.

And i miss you all.



05  October 2013

Hello my laydıes.

I hope everybody ıs well and spendıng weekend tıme as well.

I must to wrıte somethıng ımportant.

I will not be able to vote everyday and also i dont have time to vote from my other dolls too.

I hope that you will be understanding for this i have missed votes, but really i must spending my time more for my practice and learning. You can stop votes dailies, because i cant vote back.

I am really sorry for this what im writing.

I will miss you all.













Today is, 03 October 2013

I must to apologize for everybody for i cant left votes this days.

I have a lot of new thinks and in ation here in Hungary.

I will votes when i will have time to do this.

I am sorry for this.




01. October 2013

Hello my laydies,

tummorow will left dubles for everybody, bcz today i had a first cl*** and there was verry fun and very well.

Sorry about the missing votes. See you tomorrow and catch some votes from me.




29 September 2013

Hello my ladyes,

Yesterday night i left votes for today (Sunday)

Today i left votes +2 extra for Monday

I Leave from my country and i go to live in Hungary, - Budapest.

Im going there for my master cl***, and i will stay for one year. I am so exiceted. J

As soon as I get there, will writing about the news. I hope everything will be good.

See you in Tuesday.

Love you all.




27 September (night) 2013

Voted for my dailies.

I'm writing this to not become for some confusion.






Next Week This Doll  going to get

1000 lifetime votes. Help if you can.



22 September 2013

I finihed my page design, If some how i forgot to put friends name in my list and she is daily, please do not hesitate to in me about this!

Thank you



21 September 2013


Thanks for all your help and support this week, without your help i've didnt reach my goal.

If somehow i missed votes for any doll, please write me a message to return the votes. 

Thank you very much again.





Who i am 


I live in Macedonia. (For those who do not know) Surely someone will ask where it is. Macedonia is in Europe and belongs to the part of the Balkan countries or rather the ex Yugoslavia. Small and cute country with very hospitable people. eee 


I am Loloy, everybody knows me like that, but my real name is Manu. I have 28. Last year in October I graduated the Jazz Music Academy in my country. I play the trumpet. I do not know how many years doing it backwards. I started since I was 8 years till today. Oh and it seems that it is 20 years already? WOW. Little did I noticed!!! eee 


For the first time in this game have emerged, yet at the end of 2010. But later, because of my responsibilities of faculty, I stopped playing the game, until the summer of this year, when i back.

 Since then I remember a sierradane sezeliisayuuki07mikomin0regrets and most of all, my dear friend which she stopped play, sertainly for the same reason like me a year ago or two? Who can known? J ....



Currently I do a lot of things in life. One of the most important is: I am part of a professional jazz band where I represent the band as a singer. In life I have a big success, love and respect honest people, I move in circles where there is a lot of power, and most of all try to be a good person. Moreover, largely, a gift from the sky that has been given to me, I’m trying to convey with peace.

I love music, I can not without it. The second things are the composing. A few months ago I started writing songs where I plan to be in my new album. Wish me successes. J J J 

There is nothing more to say………… eee 







Thanks to Dainaluvsuju for the gift 

Thanks to Yuuky07 for this beautiful gift

Thanks to Eliisa for this beautiful zodiac gift 

Thanks to Adrlynne for the beautiful zodiac gift 



My dolls

This several dolls help me to return votes.





My dailies


sierradane sezirishzarineneliisafaechild86yuuki07haelinajennymansonjmt1234kiesieleklittlemandyandybelemeralda1221hope4ever2purishirurosered86mikomiamaryllis-lovearlekinlainhistorygeekjuen0regretslizikalollyclare87aprilztere33kikizmajxgegex0925elysionmelody1231saphie1dowiiflyingpetalssweettears90adrlynnealearanicole194Vinyasidney98pekaracoongalashreneejunialadygl***chocoraecyacrystalcuty29snortmortcsgardenercaissenegoldenlightt



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