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10/28/ 2015

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a gift this month. Sorry it took me so long to say anything about it. Also finally had the time to update my "Thanks for:" section so everyone who has sent me a gift up to now is listed down there. Again sorry for taking so long to say thanks. I just been very swampped with work and getting ready for Halloween. 


Just a heads up. Yesturday I ran out of time to vote for all of my regular votes. I made up those votes today. So some of you will have recieved votes from both my main doll love84 and my alt. doll night84 today.



So big news! At least it is for me. I've finally at long last won the Casino room! I've been trying to win that room since it first came out. I've actually lost count of how many tokens I've spent trying to win it. It would be easy to say over a thousand tokens have been spent trying to win it. I'm so gosh dang happy right now. :) Sadly however I still have some things I want to win from the jackpot. Basically now after spending about 400 tokens today I still have one thing left to try and win. Currently saving up tickets to convert to tokens and try to win this dress:  and matching accessories. I've gotten all the other colors I want, purple, red, green, even got the yellow version (which I don't really care for that much) but the dark blue dress just doesn't want to come out of hidding. But I'm still over the moon as the saying goes about winning the Casino room. 



I've got some good news and some bad or potantily bad news. So the good news is that today and hopefully tomorrow I will be sending out early votes to my regular voters. The reasaon? Well that's where the bad news comes in. Bad news is that a snow storm is hitting us as I write this and supposly we are going to get up to 22in. Now as far as I know, the only time I've ever lost power was during hurricane season and never for very long. However it hasn't really snowed this much at one time since before I was born and that was like in the late 1970's. So I'm leaving votes earlier then usually today and will do my best to also leave votes right after the sites' day resets. If no one recieves votes after tomorrow then you can a s s u me that I've lost power and am waiting for it to be repaired.



Today I just barely finished sending out votes on time. I was able to finish all silent votes about 10 minutes before the site restarted its day.


Ok so yesturday I didn't finish sending out votes. For the people I missed yesturday, you will get double votes today. If you got votes from my alts plus my main thats because I missed voting for you yesturday so no need to send my double votes or voting for my alts either.



Votes for today have just barely been sent out before the site reset. Enjoy :)



Ok so I went on a bit of a rant today on Ohmydollz forum. It's about the back to back quests so if you want to read it then click on this link or cut and past it if I can't get the link to work.



Daily Voters Please Read!



I double voted today to make up for not voting yesturday. I had a killer headache all day and couldn't even stand looking at the c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r screen for more then a minute. 

Also as of today I will only be leaving votes. I will no longer be leaving comments.



Voting poilcy has been updated. Please read below. Especially if it's the first time you are voting for me.



Unless stated otherwise here, please a-s-s-u-m-e all votes have been or currently are being sent out. Thank you!


Thanks to:

arlkinlain for:


thaumantias/ mokimira (same person) for: 


arlekinlain for: 

 and  and  and and  and  and  and  and  and  and   and  and  and  and and and and  and and  and 


yaoiluv53 for:

 and and    and  and 



andand   and     and  and and  and   and  and  and and and  and  and and  andand  and  and  and and and and  and and  and  and and  and and and  and  and  and 




 and  and  and  and  and 


 and  and  and and  






 and   andand  an  and  an an and  


cook ie sez (i don't know why but without the spaces this name won't save?)






 and  and   and 













Room Update:

Now I'm just saving up my divabucks so I can design my rooms. Have a few that I need to be creative to change the floors and walls.


Oh I've also tried 16 times in a row to get the casino room and so far no go. I'm very sad. Think my luck is horrible. :*(



News Regarding daily voters:

I've notice some daily voters have stopped voting for a while now. While one or two have given a reason on there "Who am I" section, others haven't said anything at all. Those that haven't given a reason will no longer receive votes from me. If at any time you would like to exchange daily votes again in the future just let me know.


About Voting:

As I mention above I will return all votes I receive. Also don't try to deceive me about voting as I will always check my Last 100 Votes each and every day.

If anyone wants to do daily exchanges just let me know. I rarely refuse daily exchanges. :)

One more important thing to know. I really hate it when my votes are uneven so if you mess it up I won't return votes. Why you ask? Because to make it even again I have to go bother a cousin or one of my sisters who play to come and fix it that's why.


My alternative account(s):



New Goal(s):

1. Stop spending diva bucks for a while. No more flirts unless you can get a room out of it.

2. Work on decorating my other rooms when enough diva bucks are saved.


Since MDD closed:

Hi all MDD players! I use to be stars84 on MDD. Feel free to leave votes and commits. As always I will return all votes I've received.

Welcome to OMD. I hope we can all have fun like before. Even though it feels like we lost our homes, it's not always a bad thing to start all over again.

I hope Feerik can do something about us players from MDD who spent real money over there. At least since the time they had control over it if nothing else. 


Pics I like, enjoy :)

Age Type City Country
38 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby

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