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luvxxorxxlust has 0 goodness points.

Video Game Developer



Liven my life like its golden


ForGet Y0l0


Life's greatest words come from the heart....Life's greatest doings come from the soul....Life's greatest works comes from your mind....Lifes greatest testimonies come from the ones you didnt expect! 

Ayee! They call this chick Nahla she lives her life to the fullest and dosent give a flying fadoodle about what anyone says or does && Dont come to her with that crazy bulls*t cuz she got 99 problems but your B*tch aint one.. She can be a real B*tch when she needs to but most of the time shes the nicest person on earth.... So what she's Bi that dosent mean shes any different then any body else so get over your own insecurities.... So hit her up ... 


 Mood/Status#1:: ((:


Mood/Status#2:: I think I love her


Listening T0::Crooked Smile - J.Cole  


Single/Taken::My heart is taken <3 


StR8/Bi/Lez:Bi... But im super picky with the girls i like...  

Lyrics::They say i should fix my grill cuz i got money now.

Talkin to:: .... 

Age Type City Country
11 years Woman T-Town US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Mac Miller, Kid Ink , Tyga Everything My sisters keeper Pizza/Cookies/Ice cream
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Green/Blue/Yellow Cardiologist pretty little liars, awkward , faking it , catfish Wrestling & Fastpitch

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