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12/12/2017 à 02:30:29
Getting things ready for our kitten-proof tree....
12/12/2017 à 00:03:21
All I want for Christmas is you You Dear...
11/12/2017 à 01:29:18
Wrapped Christmas presents today.  Chilly...
11/12/2017 à 01:08:47

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Hello everyone and welcome to my main dolls page.  

Happy Holidays everyone... My hubby and I made our gingerbread designs (he did a house and I did a carousel), he won two blue ribbons with his and I won one blue (not too shabby for our first ever gingerbreads).  He wants to make another one before Christmas. 


We finally got the tree up tonight- he brought home a nine footer so needless to say I need to pick up some more lights and garlands since the bottom is almost empty (usually get a 5-6 foot tree)... I also ran out of ornaments so am going to have to make or pick up a few more to fill in the bottom. 


Plus I've got a ton of baking to get done in the next couple of weeks... I plan on being ahead of the goodie game this year.  Hope you're enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends.

As for who I am:  My name is Crystal, I used to be xtalgoddess on MDD.  I'm gemini (25 May) whos into the supernatural (parapsychology, cryptozology, natural oddities).  I also like most music (not into country-sorry).  I enjoy photography, reading (mostly fantasy & sci-fi), word/number puzzles, video games (mainly play online now).  As far as collecting goes, I love old books, cats & faeries.


Thank you girls for all the wonderful gifts you've given me; Faechild86 (43), Arlekinlain (23), Ramonna (11), N0regrets (4), Mineyeung (3), Tuvab (3), Witch2004 (3),  Andybel (2), Sierradane (2),  Birdlyre,  Cook iesez, Eliisa, Jazz333, Rubyheartz08, Saioko, Savynn2 & Sweettears90 .  I appreciate & enjoy these beautiful gifts very much, thank you!

 *Daily Voters:  For the time being it'll be votes with no notes.  I accept new daily voters (if you're looking for someone to exchange votes with).  I'll be checking my last 100 list daily & returning votes from there.   Thanks for understanding.  

I RETURN VOTES-please keep my lifetime doll & loft votes even.  I always appreciate comments especially if you're using an alt. doll I'm not familar with. 

Magikgoddess is my main doll.  I currently only have four alternative dolls that help me out.  They are; magikgoddessvoting, magikgoddessvoting2, magikgoddessvoting3 and of course, magikgoddessvoting4

At the moment I'm trying to save up for the $$$ Trophies (hard to do when a quest comes along I want, lol)...  I'm also trying for the doll & loft lifetime vote trophies.

"It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love.  Love is a substitute for chocolate.  Chocolate is, let's face it, far more reliable than a man." -Miranda Ingram 

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38 years Woman UK
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