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~What do turkeys drink wine from? Gob-lets....
24/11/2023 à 03:43:38
~I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving~!! Bruce...
23/11/2023 à 02:24:30
“We should just be thankful for being together....
23/11/2023 à 00:43:56
+2 Cook iesez “Even though we’re 4 days away...
21/11/2023 à 22:11:46

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27 August 2023 - Hope everyone is doing well! I've been rather busy with work after graduation. However I still enjoy playing games with my limited spare time (OhMyDollz is my childhood). What sort of games is everyone playing now? 



 No longer daily voting but I will drop off votes once in awhile to some dolls.

 Please do not send me spam/chain mail.

 My alt. accounts are: Melodie22, LiChangeGe, Yona-hime, Umeko-hime, PhantomDragon, Abyss-no-ishi, PandoraRetrace and Oriens.

 See my website 

 Feel free to send me a PM if need be.


 Likes: Arts, sciences, reading, writing, drawing, badminton, apples, oranges, watermelons, strawberries, most types of tea, pastels, cherry blossoms, orchids, peony flowers, asian culture, China/Japan, Running Man (Korea), gaming, numerous anime/manga/manhwa/donghua/manhua, chinese web novels, pepero/pocky.

 Dislikes: Stressful exam seasons, alarm waking me up early, spiders/moths, rude people.

 Other: I have been playing MyDivaDoll and OhMyDollz for about 8-9 years as of 2017. Also currently a student studying at college/university. I also have dolls on the CN and FR version of OhMyDollz but under slightly different names.

Completed RoomsLoft - Submarine Room - Workshop - Small Bedroom - Hotel - Bedroom 2- Bedroom 3 

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Age Type City Country
100 years Woman The Akatsuki Organisation Hideout Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
The Akatsuki Members --- -- Watermelon or Strawberries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pastel colours Anything that involves my interests. Running Man (Korea) Drawing, reading manga/novels and writing.

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