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Hello Everyone, this is my first attempt at filling out a WIA, so here's hoping I don't do too poorly with it.

I'm an avid World of Warcraft player, and my accounts are based on and named for several of my characters in that game.  This one (my main) is based on my main character, a Blood Elf Mage.  All of my accounts are color-themed based on the character that they are modeled after.

I have also decided to stop fiddling around in this game and actually work on things like levels, flirts, and most importantly fully decorating all my rooms (on all dolls).  I will post the themes for each room in the WIA on the specific dolls.  Feel free to PM me with comments, suggestions for themes/items, and anything else that might be of help. Do remember that all my accounts are color-themed, so please keep all suggestions appropriate to the doll.

Mischiefmker (main doll): blue theme


Loft: my menagerie/living area (work in progress)
Garden: where fantasy and reality meet (done, but I'll always find spots for new animals)
Bathroom 1: spa time (done for now)
Bedroom 1: sewing room (done for now)
Kitchen: traditional (done for now)
Garage: ignoring for now
Street: ignoring for now
Beach: traditional (done for now)
Terrace: night party (working on)
Bathroom 2: traditional (working on)
Bedroom 2: Persian Nights (done for now)
Living Room: my homage to Greece (done for now)
Bedroom 3: art studio (done for now)
The Penthouse: open to suggestions
Duplex first floor: open to suggestions
Duplex second floor: possible goth bedroom (working on)
Aquarium: hidden underwater grotto (working on)
Cloud Room: only quest items currently
Dirigible: steampunk (will work on soon)
African Room: gracious living on safari (done for now)
Japanese Palace: asian (will work on soon)
Buddhist Temple: only quest items currently
Submarine Room: only quest items currently
Yacht: hoping to do Chris Craft/roaring 20's look (need suggestions of items that might be good)
Disco: open to suggestions
Hawaii: tropical paradise (done for now)
New Caldonia: open to suggestions
Ice Palace: home of the snow fairy
Forest: idea in germination (will work on later)
Venetian Palace: Masquerade
Wedding room: possible fairy tale realm (will work on later)
Manor: possible Roman theme (will work on later)
Royal Palace: Eqyptian theme (done for now)
Haunted Castle: quest items (done for now)
PantherCave: open to suggestions
Cannes: open to suggestions
Retro: my hiding spot for items I love in colors I hate :)
Christmas: holiday/winter fantasy theme (working on)
Romantic Suite: open to suggestions
Sarah's House: party (will work on soon)
Star Renting: fantasy on your holiday (done for now)
VIP: open to suggestions


Age Type City Country
45 years Woman of Dreams US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Doctor Who/Spartacus

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