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{#new}Currents!{#new}      HI~ So I haven't been voting, or even logging on, and I've realized, I just frankly don't have time to do so ;-; So If you haven't already noticed, I'm taking a hiatus from voting. SO DON'T FEEL THE NEED TO VOTE because I don't know when I'll be able to return them if ever :( *hugs* For those who have continued to vote, thank you so much :) ilysm <33                                                          Saranghaeyo( = I love you) And reach your dreams along with the sky! <3 Kamsahamnida (=Thank you) For reading :)


Hiya!{#applau} Call me Neri{#gai}I'm a highly nerdy Teenager who happens to act older (most of the time), be careful, you might catch my nerdiness.. Someone who can't keep track of time, and a bon-diggity dancer! xD No, seriously, I can really bust some moves {#lol}I took A lot of clas ses, and play Just Dance like a boss, no one I know can beat me with my near perfect scores ;) That aside, I've been playing this...interesting doll game since...*tries to remember* 2009 or 2010, I don't remember, that was eons ago, I'm not terribly awesome at remembering when all sorts of stuff happens in between, like I never write this 'Who Am I' the same way twice. {#honte}I Speak several Languages! Including: English, French, Korean, German, Japanese, and Spanish, from most fluent to least {#good}And then people are trying to teach me Hmong like my brain had room xD I know too many diverse people and watch too much foreign stuff...ALSO! I'm a Anime Manga Fan! {#mang} My Favorites are Pandora Hearts, D. Gray Man, Case Closed, & OHSHC :) Though, of course, I know the popular ones like Naruto and Bleach, and some of the not-so popular ones too {#bisou}HUGE music fanatic, since I like pretty much everything, except for popular stuff? I don't know, I just could never really get into the stuff on the radio? Kinda makes me sorta of a hipster ^^" You also maaaay have guessed this, but I like K-pop and J-pop, Currently an ARMY, L.O.^.E., BANA, VIP, EXO-L, a fan of Sekai no Owari (End of the World), and kiiiinda a fan of G Dragon.{#love} If you know what I'm talking about--speak the same strange alien language--then let's fangirl together! Besides my weird foreign music tastes (I also like french music!), I Like Lana Del Rey, Lindsey Stirling (My Hero since I play Violin and dance--not at the same time, but still),Marianas Trench, Buddy Holly, Bob Marley, Owl City, Skrillex, Zomboy, and like many more.{#ouf} I LOVE books! They are like my life, I read three novels a week usually, and that's where most of my money goes, that and Clothes ;P but that's why I work at a clothing store ;) I'm homeschooled, which means I'm one of THOSE kids {#magic}--at least for one more year, I don't watch TV because I don't have cable, that's why I'm so fun and spontanious and tend to more or less make fun of myself to make other people laugh!{#mdr}But I love meeting new people, I'm a Role-player on the boards, and I'm randomly awesome. Thank you if you read this, and yes, I highlighted the important bits for the people who didn't quite read this ;)

This is new, mainly because I love images/GIFs, But when I first started (MyDivaDoll), I used to put a different image every week. I Think I was like 12 at the time? xD


Really, I'm a Geek at Heart, if the rooms weren't themed, at least a little bit, then It wouldn't be fun :) I'm a writer, forgive the long explanation, I couldn't help myself ^^

Loft~ My messy overcrowded random otaku bedroom, with way too many dogs My doll is celebrating reaching 100 weekly votes! Kya! It's basically a big thank you, with gifts and everything.

Japanese Palace~ Where I keep all things Japanese while my doll stays at a Ryokan to work on her manga (and then go out to eat ramen with friends) She's dressed as a Dragon Spirit inspired by Studio Ghibli

English Cottage~ My Doll's summer home just outside of London ^^ This is also where she hosts most of her tea parties gotta have a Cuppa! Right Now She's Ciel Phantomhive, so he just wants everyone to leave already xD

Secret Dollz~ My doll's covering a designer clothing office for her newspaper, but is probably learning a lot about modern fashion while she's there. Dressed as a super cool rebel/hipster/thing idea I had. Like it? She personifies flowers in a way.

More to come~!

I'm NOT Accepting Daily Voters~! ^^

(Please Ask through PM or comment tho!)

 My friend list is NOT My DV list. Surprise Surprise, it's actually my friend list xD



I Return all votes given to me (As long as you didn't also leave an offensive Comment >.<) NOTE: I do check my last 100 ~.^

I don't mind if you vote +1, but really, I'm a litte OCD, so if you see my Lifetime votes are uneven, I'd very much appreciate it if you evened them out, because that's Bae <3

I've just started this DVing business, so I only have this one alt:

Her actual name...Is Minki, because that's who she's cosplaying as, and I hope to have all her rooms themed like the Nu'est M/Vs ^^

There might be more to come, but for now that's it :)

Just need to give a HUGE thank you to all the people who helped me put together this glorious page, it makes me want to cry sometimes, it's so much how I wanted it, And I could still hug Sweettears90 and Darkelfqueen (Darky) for helping me get the scrollboxes up and running and helping me understand this coding stuff on a very basic level xD sometimes I wonder if you are awesome aliens who know the secret to the world O.O Because now I can go on forever about these other awesome people who I must thank! >:D


This was for Voting for like a week while I was away, couldn't return the votes, so I made it special. If ya'll ever want anything special, all you gotta do is ask me :)

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me a gift,

elonnanyElonnany, who gave me these cute little russian dolls. These were my toys when I was little too! I for real love these things, and I know you gave me a few other gifts, but that was before I was writing it down. Please tell me if you know which! <3

angelfireAngelfire, who gave me a really cute teddy! I'm currently looking for the image ^^" You might have also given me some other stuff, but I don't remember ^^" <3

aluralegendAluralegend, who gave me a few plants, and a white makona plushie! It's one of those gifts that I saw and used immediately xD <3 Historygeek! Gave me this cute little plant Thank you! I know you can get pretty busy ^^ Saranghaeyo <3 for giving me this cute little floatation device >3< I love love it, and you are forever super cool :) <3


I will put more specifics when I'm not so tired, but for now, know that I love you <3

I'd like to thank Rukia131 for that AMAZING avatars and signatures she's made me on the board <3

Thank you to Fairykisses for this WIA background, I use one every single time I redo My Page, and they are all just gorgeous and awesome and making them available to anyone is very awesome of you :)

I'll have to finish this later :)


Theme: #Current Faves

"Rock Lobster" ~ The B-52's

"Eyes, nose, lips" ~ Tablo feat. Taeyang

"If you do" ~ GOT7

"For You" ~ BTS

"Mansae" ~ Seventeen


CREDITS: BACKGROUND by sweetricecake@deviantart|| WIA BACKGROUND by fairykisses || PICTURES(from top to bottom on dividers): Kim Taehyung of BTS, Gongchan of B1A4, Choi Minki of Nu'EST, Pandora Hearts Main Character Chibi's by Jun Mochizuki, Canada of Hetalia, Ciel Phantomhive (Of Black Butler) as a girl. || GIFs/images are from BING || Font on Dividers and Welcome Banner is DFKai ||

Age Type City Country
27 years Woman ...I Don't know O.o US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
You ;] Rock, Techno & Classical, K-Pop, J-Pop ;P How about Favorite Book?: Leviathan Series Pizza, Tea & CANDY
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Sky Blue, Violet, Lime Green Why would I dream of having a McJOB? Pandora Hearts/Sherlock Reading/Writing/Drawing

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