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Merry Christmas dear :) Hope you have a...
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These things I warmly wish for you: Someone to...
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Bruce and I manage to fill up 4 bags full of...
01/10/2017 à 04:53:13
An elephant's trunk has over 40k muscles, vs...
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About Me:
Chinese Orchestra Member and proud of it!
K-pop fan forever~
I'm just an ordinary teenage girl who loves K-pop XD. I come from Singapore (GMT +8) and here, it's summer all year round~ 
My favourite colors include Light Blue/Aqua, White and Black.
Likes/Interests: Science (mostly Biology), Arts & Craft, Animals (especially cats ^^), Music (mainly K-POP!)
I love meeting new people, so feel free to send me a PM, even if it's just to chat ^^
Voting: UNABLE TO RETURN VOTES due to other commitments. Will only be online to collect DBs and check the boards.
Please keep my lifetime votes even! Occasionally evening out dolls' votes ^^
Rooms: Loft, Garden and Rainbow Room under construction, Japanese Palace, Mediterranean, Hotel and Viking Village pretty much done though! I'm planning on completely re-vamping my Rainbow room... Do let me know if you have any suggestions! 

WIA: Still under construction. Concrits/comments would be greatly appreciated ^^
News Feed:
11/6: Will no longer be able to vote frequently! I'm just returning votes I've received the last few days and then I'm done so please feel free to stop voting for me. Thanks for your understanding! ^^

5/6: Sorry for missing yesterday's votes! I was performing at a concert and it ran really late >< Also I will be less active here from now on and will not be able to continue daily voting I'm sorry :x I will however continue to return votes, just that they may take a while :x 

23/5: Sorry for missing votes yesterday! But I tried to return any votes I got so if I missed any please let me know! :x

21/4: Silent votes for today! (and maybe onwards)

4/4: I'm back and ready to resume daily voting ^^

30/3: I will be going overseas tomorrowing til 3rd April so I won't be able to vote for the next few days!

Thank you Asuchan, Okuan, f-a-i-t-h, elonnany, lunely, arlekinlain, Willowskye, melody1231, yuuki07, eliisa, historygeek, eyecandy9, redridinghood07, kimaly, maytiling, Jazz333, faechild86, rheasilvia, cooki esez, julieanne1976 and csgardener for the wonderful gifts ^^

I will always return votes (+2s only please! +1s will not be returned). I always try my best to return them ASAP, but sometimes I can't/I forgot. If I haven't returned any of your votes, do comment/send me a message!
Please only +2, unless my lifetime doll and loft votes are uneven, then I would really appreciate it if you could +1 to the lower one to help even them out ^^ Even if you +1 for that reason, I'll still vote twice back, so don't worry ^^
Sometimes I'll leave silents votes, so please check your last 100 votes. Thanks!
My Alts:
All my alts are purely voting dolls, so while votes to them are appreciated, they will not be returned. They also have a disclaimer in their WIA.
I used to have 5 alts but I lost them after my hiatus.
My goal for each alt is for them to have a $7 job and get 5 rooms in 5 different tabs (villa, royal, cinema, town, etc.).
So here, you'll get to see each and every one of my alts, their theme, and also some of their outfits (just refresh the page for a new outfit XD). 

My Current Alts:

The Quest Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft

The Magic Cupboard Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft

The other Quest Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft

The Fair Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft

The Tan Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft, Floating Palace

My Ex-Alts:

The Quest Alt

Job: Pop Star

Room(s): Loft, the Japanese Palace, the Fantastic World, the Haunted Castle

The Level turned Quest Alt

Job: Movie Star

Room(s): Loft, the Flatmate Room, Secret Dollz Room, African Room, Duplex: 2nd Floor

The Flirting turned Random Alt

Job: Princess

Room(s): Loft, Cloud Room

The Blue Alt

Job: Dancer

Room(s): Loft, Sarah's Home: Garden

The Magic Chest Alt

Job: Writer

Room(s): Loft, the Penthouse

Age Type City Country
23 years Woman Singapore Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Light Blue Veterinarian

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