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Little Paradise Cake Bistro, now Open!

Seating on a First Come, First Serve basis!



I'm a female who really shouldn't be playing as many games as I do.

I love good story. The authors I read most avidly are Terry Pratchett and Mercedes Lackey. On top of that I read way too much fanfiction, and dabble a bit in writing it as well, but nothing outstanding.

I'm looking forward to playing this game, more for the decor than the fashion, but I hope to do my best.


And Finally, I'm not very outgoing. If you talk to me, I (gladly) will talk back, but I tend not to take the initiative.


Cheerio all, enjoy!


The following is out of date, but will be edited eventually. To minimize your inconvenience, I've minimized the font. Sorta. Hopefully.


*To save up over 300$$$ for the next big room event, provided the room is one I want -_^ Or perhaps whatever they come up with for Easter.
*After each 100$$$ increment, complete 1 objective *le sigh* this will take forever.

STATUS OF GOALS ~ Eh keep giving in to various specials or events. Willpower! Focus on Willpower! As for the increments - doing more of the 'Go Flirts' and 'Objectives' than I said I would. So restraint . . . Want the 'Flirts for the extra Sudoku game, but they are more expensive. Hmm, mayhaps one purchase for a flirt once I've saved up past each 40$$$ mark?



VERBAL MATH - please help correct.

Seems to me the adventures cost ~200$$$ to do. Currently 5$$$ a day is 30 days -_-. Estimating about 5 days per Characteristic point, needing 1 at 5 days.

Or train 6 times each day (Free plus (5 x 1$$$)) = 1 days (and add 1 days more for less than 20%s).

So given 5 - 2 days = 3 days = 3 $$$ extra, but spent ~6$$$ to get there. This is getting to be a worse return all the time.


Hmm - Train twice a day ~3 days, 3$$$. Make up the spent 3, with the extra for the next 2 days. Bleh, break even, why bother.




I say this in part to save you the bother of the "+2 Vote back" comments, but I really like to here what is liked and what other thoughts you may have on my doll and loft so don't take this as a stop commenting message either.

I may be a little random on what order I do vote, but I usually try to vote for my normal folks first, then the '100 last list' for the previous 24 hours, then down my comment page for those folks who were around earlier in the week.Given the limited nature of votes, well, we all take our chances. ^___^

Age Type City Country
44 years Woman
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Soundtrack CDs - love the variety Disney's Mulan
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purples, select Greens and Silver Current - Castle Reading fiction

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