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Greetings, fellow space traveler. Love the room...
10/12/2020 à 06:42:36

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, like her mythological namesake, has proven to be something of a problem child :P  Initially, I pictured a "color theme" account based on purple, lilac, and lime.  However, as I collected items from adventures, her colors seemed to shift to plum, brown, and tan. THEN... I began adding rooms to her still evolving loft.


The Heaven Room replay, along with previously collected pieces (primarily the LOTR window from the Cinema/Retro room adventure), gave me the idea to do a "goddess" room.  Trying to couple Ancient Greece with 50's Retro brought me to her current "theme":


Each of her rooms, I hope, will grow to represent a specific time period...

in the Main Loft
Curator Exhibits in the Royal Museum
Prehistoric in the Desert
Ancient Egypt in the Egyptian Room
Ancient Greece in the Heaven Room
Medieval in the Haunted Castle
Victorian in the Cake Shop
Romantic Gothic in the Crypt
Pioneer/Native American in the Forest
Old World Apothecary in the Magic Shop
Wild West in the Western Room
The 50's (think "Leave It To Beaver") in the Retro Room
Future (Sci-Fi/Space) in the Duplex - 2nd Floor 

This is, of course, all very tenative... and subject to future adventures and boutique offerings.  Who knows what the future might bring... cave woman, pioneer wife, 60's flower child? Whatever her future holds, pandora-noire's focus color will be some shade of purple... that much, I know (~.*)



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