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persephoni has 66 goodness points.

Cosmic guardian

My other dollz are

  • Dtrixsmiles

  • Lypiphera

  • Anguissette on the french site.

I have a doll through the facebook log in (NicoleCuty), but that has been down for so long ...


I play some mobile fashion games!


Feel free to add me in them!

  • Shining Nikki: Smiles (ID:1000023341)
  • Love Nikki: Smiles (ID:100211059)
  • Time Princess: Dtrix S Miles (ID:889601276)


Disney Princesses:

Anna - 

Aurora - (Italy) - Venitian palace/Sleeping Castle?

Merida - (Scotland) - Scotland

Moana - Hawaii


Raya - (Japan) - Japanese plains?


Loft - Main Room

Africa - 

Aquarium - Aquatic Goddess Room


Autumnal Park

Bathroom - Pinks

Bathroom 2 - 

Beach - 

Bedroom - 

Bedroom 2 - 

Bedroom 3 - Blues room

Black Forest - Dark/Supernatural

Boudoir (sitting room) 

Building - Subtle French Tower? Elemental Tower?

Cabin - 

Cannes - 

China - 

Mulan - (China) - China room


Christmas House - Traditional Christmas 


Christmas Room - Non traditional Christmas Room


Circus of Dreams - Spoopy/Anita Blake 

Citadel - Spider Mansion

Cloud - Fantasy sky pirates?


Crypt - Undead


Darker Dollz - Persephoni with her dark side, Oni


Dirigible - Steampunk!


Dressing Room

Duplex 1st floor

Duplex 2nd floor


Egyptian Palace

Enchanted Forest

Fairy Palace

Fantastic World

Flatmate Room 

Flowers - Thumbelina?


Foot of the tree 


Fort - Pirates!

Game Room




  • Snow White - (Germany) - Garden, Kitchen


Guest Room

Gym Room


Halloween - Spoopy!


Haunted Castle - Ghosties! Who you gonna call?




High School -

  • Ayame - Snake zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Hatsuharu - Cow zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Hatori - Dragon zodiac from Fruits Basket, he actually turns into a seahorse as his animal form


  • Hiro - Sheep zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Isuzu - Horse zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Kagura - Boar zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Kisa - Tiger zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Momiji - Rabbit zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Ritsu - Monkey zodiac from Fruits Basket, prefers to dress like a woman


  • Shigure - Dog zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • Yuki - Rat zodiac from Fruits Basket


  • and last but not least Kyo the cat from Fruits Basket, since the cat gets the brunt of the curse, he has a second that he turns into when its raining and his bracelet comes off


  • Deku - Turquoise hair is genderbent Deku from My Hero Academia, he is the main character, revealing his powers would be a huge spoiler!


  • Shoto - White/Pink or white/red hair is genderbent Shoto from My Hero Academia, he has ice powers on his right side he got from his mother, and fire powers he got from his father on his left side.


  • Aizawa - Black haired male teacher from MHA, he can use his gaze to turn off other people's powers


  • Midnight - Dark haired Female teacher at MHA, she can emit a mist that can put people to sleep


  • Moka - Pink and Light Pink hair are both aspects of Moka a vampire (pink - is when her powers are bound, light pink is when her powers are released) from Rosario + Vampire


  • Kuzuru - Blue Ponytail will be Kuzuru Kurono (a succubus) from Rosario + Vampire


  • Mizore - Purple hair will be Mizore Shirayuki (Snow girl) from Rosario + Vampire


Hogwarts - Breakbills Magic College (trying to avoid Harry Potter due to JK Rowling's antitrans stance) Check out the Magicians book series and tv series! 



Ice Palace

  • Elsa - Ice Palace



Interstellar Space


Japanese Plains


Jungle - Apocalyptic Jungle, including a female Dr. Stone

  • White turquoise ombre hair is genderbent Dr. Stone



  • Snow White - (Germany)



  • Tiana - America


Laundry - Laundry or Airport?

Library - 

  • Belle - (France) - Library, Paris or French Gardens?



Living Room - not much at the moment as its blacked out still


Luxury Restaraunt

Magic School - Breakbills Magic College exterior!


Magic Shop


Master Bedroom

New Lywood - New York/Hollywood


Ocean - Land & water creatures

  • Ariel - Ocean/Submarine?


Oh My World - Day to night 

Oh My Tree - Sky creatures

One Thousand and One Nights - 

Paris - French infusion!

  • Belle - (France) - Library, Paris?



  • Cinderella - (France) - Winter Palace, Paris?


Party Room

Photo Studio


Rainbow Room

Sarah's Room

Sewing Workshop


Small Bedroom

  • Rapunzel - (Germany)



Star Villa - Black and white party


Symphonic Palace

Terrace - Flower party

Tundra - Frozen Apocalypse!

Vampiric Palace

Veterinary Clinic - Vet clinic with an off books mini emergency clinic in the back!


Viking Village



  • Pocahontas 



Winter Palace

  • Cinderella - (France) - Winter Palace, Paris?






"Do not trust people like me.

I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments,

and kiss you in every beautiful place,

so that you can never go back to them

without tasting me

like blood in your mouth.

I will destroy you

in the most beautiful way possible.

And when I leave

you will finally understand,

why storms are named after people." - Unknown


"We call ships 'she.'

We call our war machines 'women.'

We compare women to black widows and vipers.

And you're going to tell me it's not 'lady-like' to scream,

to take up space,

to fight and demand respect

and do whatever the hell I want.

You've looked at nuclear bombs

and been so in awe

that you could only name them after women.

Don't try to down-play my power." - Unknown

Age Type City Country
40 years Woman Dallas US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sebastian Stan or Henry Cavill Christian Kane and Fruitcake-Superbeing Like I could choose... Pizza, or sweets!
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Iridescent or Purple Acting Like I could choose... LARP

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