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Sewing machine bug going on with her stockings




My father's maternal Grandmother's name was Rosa Elizabeth so I thought since Jenzg11 wanted me to make a "Grandma" doll, I'd use a letter that I hadn't used yet... and a color... I chose my Great-Grandmother's name for the letter "R" and the color Gray.  She was born in 1878 and died in 1948.  She was married twice.  Her first husband died in November of 1897 and she gave birth to his son in April of 1898.  She remained single until 1902 when she married again.  With Lighue Monroe (leaving surnames off for privacy), she had three daughters and two sons; one of which was my paternal grandmother: Mamie Lola... In 1912, Rosa's eldest son Andrew was invited to Oregon at the age of 14 to spend about a year with his father's family.  He rode the train out there, sending a letter back to his mother & step father in Jan of 1912.  He was to return after about a year but he never did.  He stayed, helped establish a lot of places in the area, married and had three children. He died in 1982.

Rosa Elizabeth & her first son Andrew who was born in 1898 so this picture would probably be from around 1899

Rosa with her second husband Monroe and their children

Back row Lois, Fontella, Mamie;

front row Roy, Monroe, Rosa holding Kenneth

By this time, Rosa's first son Andrew would have been around 22 years old and still living in Oregon, having never returned from his "visit."  One more child would be born in 1919, named Noveta.

Rosa & her four girls

Fonnie, Mamie, Noveta & Lois with Rosa in front

taken bet 1934-38:

The "Grandma" girls:




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