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rosslyn has 1 goodness points.

Video Game Developer




  So I see you are visiting my sister's page ehh? Well then, I welcome you. c: Her name is Rosslyn, but she likes to be called Rosie. Moving on, she's an age & bis.exual, abut she MIGHT fall in love with you if you try. If you must knowwww, she's single, Ross is nice, funny, weird & just flat out amazing. But don't think you can walk over her, because you'll regret. Trust and believe thaaat. She's into music just like everyone else. If you're wondering what she listens to then here it is; Lana Del Rey, Drake, SWS, other bands, rap, etc etc & all that good stuff c: Hmm..her life hasn't always been easy. But it's not like she expects pitty or sympathy since she's pretty much over it now. & I am quite proud of her. Also, she's not a fan of Bullshiit , so don't approach her with it. HILL BILLY HOOOUND DAAWG.>> Lalaladeedaaahh... << Idek. Now I'm just babbling. Well, I hope this didn't suck. ;D You should talk to her. Maybe she'll make your day :) Y'all come back now ya hear? xD ;)) Sisters For Life, Mija ;** 


                   ~Falen (Underxthexstars)


           Status; That midnight ache . 

Status 2; 

Age Type City Country
21 years Woman Dunno ? Take meh away US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Mehh , My Mom Sleeping with sirens & Pierce the veil. Scary movie ( s ) Erm... I'm a fatty
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple. Rainbow ? Doctor, Pro Singer The one on T.V? Talking & Listening

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