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This is arlekinlain account

Senshi Academy Account

My Oh My Dollz Fansite here :3



Hello! Im SailorAsthar

Im a external sailor scout from other Galaxy

asthar.png image by arlequin_lain

~° As a flash of light I cross the galaxy, leaving star dust in my way. A shining star who treads the sky. The earth trembles at my pace, SailorAsthar has arrived! And I will punish you in the name of the stars! °~

Senshi: SailorAsthar

Name:  Alisha Seyfert

Origin Place: Seyfert Galaxy

Element: Light

Sailor Colors: Yellow and White

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Deeppink

Sailor weapon: Two-Handed Sword (She didnt obtain yet)

"Asthar Crystal Star Make Up!" 


Age: 18 years

Height: 1.66

Birthay: February 14

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: O+

Hobbie: Travel and look for the stars

Like: Coffee, cakes and spaguetti

Dislike: BitterFood XD! Injustice & Abusive people >:X





Im a member of PSerenity Senshi Academy




My teacher: SailorMoon Photobucket














SailorSenshi Academy Stuff

Thanks for PSerenity for beautiful stuff and academy monthly stuff!!

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketsailorsenshi academy, award by Zoey. Sailorasthar win as prince.

Photobucketsailorsenshi academy, award by zoeysailor senshi academy, award by Zoey


Sailor Asthar Story


… The Dream …

Someday I will be a powerful sailor. I come from the Seyfert galaxy, not a place as old as the Milky Way and we are not awakened many guardians sailor there. We have developed our abilities to travel in space between galaxies. I am a foreign sailor, an explorer of worlds. Recently, a light caught my attention and that is why I'm here. That light came from the new princess serenity (Pserenity). A sailor senshi which is recruiting more sailors to develop their skills and protect the cosmos.


History of the Seyfert galaxy


A long time ago…

Long ago, after the first wars of the senshis. Some sailors found new stars in the galaxy Seyfert. Stars still dormant, waiting to be born as sailorscouts. So, the first sailors, Sailor-Cosmos, Sailor-Galaxia, Sailor-Seyfert, Sailor-Celes and the little Sailor-Ashtar agreed to lift a small kingdom and vowed to protect it. This place would be home for all those stars traveling, and would be home to the stars dormant until their awakenings. The legendary Sailor-Galaxia swear protect seeds while Sailor-Celes take them on their way to birth. Sailor-Cosmos would follow her duty as guardian of the stellar cauldron where they are born and reborn all star seeds. Sailor-Seyfert protect the galaxy and observe the worlds. And Sailor-Asthar become the Walker of the worlds, a shinning traveler star.

Long way from that. While in the Milky Way the Moon Kingdom was destroyed, and the moon goddess Selene reincarnated,  used her power through the "silver crystal" to save her people. So all reborn on Earth. The guards woke up on Earth and many battles p***ed. Over the years, founded the "Silver Millennium" and that same realm of bliss and peace was inherited, generation after generation until our current princess "PSerenity." And this is how newly reincarnated Sailor-Asthar was sent as guardian of the princess.


Note: Galaxy Seyfert are a lot of Galaxies together

About the Girl


I still remember ...


When I come to this planet lost my memory. My childhood memories were fuzzy. In the blink of an eye I was with another family. I was adopted at age 9, my father is a school teacher and my mother is a designer. Sometimes I think Im being adopted to serve as dummy. My mother likes to dress in exotic ways, do not complain, sometimes her crazy ideas are hilarious. And dad is the most patient man  in the world. As a child I loved watching the stars, studying as a hobby, I read  more books than I can count. And so one day out of the school library I found  him ...What a stray cat!Dirty, flea-bitten and lazy! Crafty! With a good bath would look good, it almost seems a fine cat, his hair was almost silver and a little fluffy. Meowing approached me tenderly (crafty!). I ***umed he was hungry, but brought nothing to offer, I bend over to pet him and ... Then a golden light from the star-shaped scar on the forehead of kitten flooded me. And I find myself floating in a sea of ??colorful clouds, a voice calling me to wake up and do my duty What duty? Did I hurt with the lunch?

When I woke up the kitten scratching his ear while placidly staring at me with his gray eyes. I woke up sore, light made ??me fall. The next thing I heard was a voice of a young man wondering: are you okay? ...

A talking cat, swear to be insane. But the cat slowly approached me, sat on my lap and continued talking. - I'm not good for presentations, I am your guide and guardian, my name is Leon and hopefully we will make good team. I wish that your human name was not so obvious but hopefully never our enemies will find you-. And then scratched his ear.

I was astonished at my house without talking to the cat, even tried running away from it. But it did not work. At home I showered and then ... Leon spoke again - Thank you, I do not like baths but these fleas were killing me. The life of a stray cat is not easy you know. And now what's for dinner? My tummy is hungry.

At that time swear I was crazy and even take care of Leon. Finally one day I´ll woke up for a long dream and I accept to spoke with him again... Some inside of me woke up, energy came over me and felt the need to per my mission. What? I had no idea. When I finally accepts it, both dying of laughter, what a fool I had been and what lap it was him.

This week he explained the history of the sailors, I wondered about the stars. Then one night there was a accident close to home ... Leon I ask me to take action on the matter and give myself a star-shaped brooch with runes carved on it and a crystalline rock at center. When touch a strange energy came over me and the words ed on my lips "Ashtar Crystal Star        Make up!." Then the shine grows more and more and in a few moments I was on my true , the Walker of the Worlds, a shinning star traveler, the guardian senshi "Sailor-Ashtar."

That night fight awkwardly against the thieves of a house. All went well at the end, nobody was hurt. Since then my training had started, had become again the sailor-senshi I once was. Not be easy, but as Leon and I continue teaming, I think everything will be fine.

I still remember, I was barely 14 when my guardian came to me and aroused my powers as a Sailor Scout.That day I meet my best friend and partner, my great cat... Leon.          







Age Type City Country
89 years Woman ARLEKINLAIN
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