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~Thursday night votes and warm hugz from Cook...
08/03/2024 à 04:05:14
Springtime whispers in the fragrance of flowers
07/03/2024 à 18:22:52
+2 from Arlekinlain! Difficult roads often lead...
29/02/2024 à 02:24:33
Friendship is the best ship!
15/02/2024 à 21:14:22

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Thank you for voting for me at the Fashion show ♥

  Sometimes if I'm having a busy day, I leave silent votes

 Just check your last 100 votes ^^ All the love        




                       Thank you Sierradane for this amazing blingee


                     Happy Birthday Sani

                        Thank you so much for all the lovely people who gave me gifts  ^^    

                                       Thank you so much Spiderwick9 for the lovely poem

I Can Go Back

It might be I was carried away,
Or I listened to the wrong thing, you might say.

It could be I am lost,
Or maybe I didn't know the cost.

Am I me, or am I them,
What, how, why, where, and when?

I feel I should be happy when I'm sad,
And glad when I'm mad.

Am I who I'm told to be,
Or am I actually me?

Why do I see ugly where there is beauty,
Or is hating who I am simply my duty?

I know it can never be to late to go back,
But what was supposedly my happyness was just a hack.

I can go back to being me,
Just you wait and see.



Age Type City Country
26 years Woman ALGERIA Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Taylor Swift pop The hunger games Pasta
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
purple Thinking Game of thrones singing/ songwriting/Reading

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