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 Welcome to the

world of



Please note, I can't add images!!! My account is not activated.










  I just want to tell every one that I am not going to be doing daily voting for a while. I don't know when I will start up again but just know that if you do vote for me it might not be returned. 




Who i am 

  Hayo!!! This is ShadowChild3, or if you know me well Shadow if you know me well. My real name, though, is KaitlynI am 14 years old and in the 9'th grade. I currently live in Florida, and I have lived here for 6 years now. I am originally from Portland Oregon and it still feels like my true home cause all of my extended family lives there, even though I haven't lived there in over 6 years. 

  I am the oldest of three kids, my 11 year old sister Missy and my 3 month old baby brother Zane. I love my Mister Man (that's what I call my baby brother) so much, he is so stinking cute! He is at that age where he smiles at every thing but only while he is happy. 

  Something that you might or might not want to know about me is that I am a christian. I got saved very young and have grown up in the church my howl life. God is a big driving force in my life and in my family. I turn to him for every thing and I am all ways trying to grow more like him and be more of the person that he wants me to be. 

  You could pretty much describe me as the perfect christian girl, I am very shy and quiet, even around my friends and I have never done any thing wrong in my life (ok not true but pretty close.)  


  One of my favorite things to do in my down time is reading, most of the time I would rather do nothing more then read a good book. One of my favorite things in life is to curl up by my window while it rains and listen to the sound of the water falling off of the roof.

  If you want to know about my talents, I don't really have any, or many if you like. One of the only things I am really good at is graphic designing, which I have only been doing for about two years now. I have tried to draw or paint but nothing ever really turns out the way I want it to, and graphic design allows me to create any image that come to my mind. If you want to see any of my art look here:

  I have been in my Churches youth choir many times now, all though never with a solo (I am way to shy and scared for that.)


   All right, I don't know if I want to say this but, I am home schooled. I know laugh it up, I know you want to. *taps foot, rolls eyes and waits for you to be done.* Now before you ask, no it does not mean than I am really super smart and have never cut my hair at all or that I am any thing like the Dugger family. And it all so does not mean that I am really super dum and shy and never do any thing (all thought if you had to pick one that was more true I would go with the later.) 



  That is really all there is to know about boring old Shadow. 


  Thanks for reading, 




The coolest people in the world to me: (my friends)

  These are my friends that I have here on this site, most of you have have meet on the board. I don't know if some of them would consider me a friend but I love chatting with ever one of them and I can't imagine my life with out there love and care. Thank you guys for being so awesome! 


  Here they are (in no real order): 







  If I have missed any of you I am really sorry.I love you guys!!!<3



Big thanks

  I want to say a huge thanks to Goldenlightt for being so sweet and amazing and for sending me that cute little lady bug that you see there in my room. I love it!!! All so thank you for the really super pretty bunch of roses that I have on the side of my bed in the loft and for the cute little girl doll. I love all the awsome gifts that you have sent me :) you are so sweet and loving, every thing you do I can see you in it! THANK YOU GOLDENLIGHTT!!!


 And thank you to Darkelfqueen for the awesome LI Pumpkin contest. I was one of the three winners. And all so for the cute red wig that you see! Thanks for all the awesome contests, and please make more, I will be shore to joine them. And thank you all so for the amazing Lovely Insider, I so enjoy reading it.


  Thank you so much to Bianca96 for giving me that really cute blond and green wig for making a graphic for her. That is so amazingly sweet of you to do for me, cause I don't normaly get gifts for that. Thank you again and I really love it!  





Daily Voters

  All of my awesome daily voters, (there aren't many.)





  Love you guys!




My graphics

  I would really love to just post some picks and show you, but as I have said before, I can't. But if you do want to see my work you can go to Shadow Shop on the board


  If you want to get a graphic from me I would be more then happy to make one for you. I can make you a Avatar and Signature for the board, or I can make you a Layout for your WIA, and if there is any thing else you want just ask. 


  Here is the link to my shop, please check it out!





  I really really really LOVE Family Force 5 music but besides that I like some darker music like Thousand Foot Krutch (if you even know who that is) or Red. Any way here is a top ten list of my favorite songs. 


  Top ten favorite songs: (In no order actually, I like them all the same)


-Radiator, FF5

-Radioactive, Imagine Dragons

-Light Up the Sky (Solomon Olds remix), Thousand Foot Krutch

-I'm Down, the Almost

-Cray Button, FF5

-Ready Set Go, Royal Tailor

-Cup O' Tea, the News Boys

-Feed the Machine, Red

-Living for the Other Side, Capital Kings

-Jesus Freak, DC Talk 


  And that is the list. It was really hard to pick just ten of my favorite songs, but I did and I am happy with it. If you like any of those songs give me a shout out, I would love to know that I am not the only FF5 or Thousand Foot Krutch fan out there.  










My favorite type of book is a good action book, I really can't do a chik flick book or a humor, and I am a little picky about what I read. but I have read a lot, so many I can't count them all.



   I have read: (in order of how much I like them)

-the Starcatchers Series (My #1 fave), Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry

-the Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paoline

-the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, J.R.R Tolkien

-The False Prince, Jennifer A. Nielsen 

-the Artemis Fowl Series, Eoin Colfer

-Wings, Aprilynne Pike

-the Beyonders books, Brandon Mull

-Air Man, Eoin Colfer

-And a Ton more that I don't like as well. 


   What I am reading:

-the Mark of the Dragonfly




  My favorite movies are probably the good cartoons like Up or Wreck it Ralph. But I do like a good family action movie.


  Movies I have watched: (in order of how much I like them)

-The Princess Bride


-Despicable Me (the first one)

-Toy Story (all of them) 

-The Narnia movies (all of them)

-The Lord of the Rings movies (all of them)

-Finding Nemo 

-Wreck it Ralph


  I don't really like a lot of TV shows but there are a few that I like.


  TV shows I watch: (in order of how much I like them)

-Avatar, the Last Airbender! (OH MY GOODNESS!!! is there any one how has seen it and not liked it?)

-Avatar, the Legend of Korra

-Once Upon a Time

-Downton Abby


-Call the Midwife

-the Middle 

-Good Luck Charlie

-Phineas and Ferb



My dolls


  FF5-Girl: I made her for my favorite band Family Force 5. If you don't know who they are you should so check them out! I SO FREAKING LOVE THEM!!! So please do that! And if you want you can go see my doll but she is really sad so you don't have to do that. 


  PG13: Now I know what your thinking, what kind of doll is that? But believe me when I say it has nothing to do with that! I don't honestly know what I was thinking myself when I named her that but she is a Steampunk doll. I really love steampunk so much and if you don't know what it is just check her out and you will get it.


  JesusFreakThis is a doll that I have had for a long time, longer then this doll, and I just recently re-did her so that I liked her. There is nothing really special about her. She was baised off of the DC Talk song Jesus Freak, but now she is just the any thing doll. She is really cute though if you want to go look at her. 





My name



  ShadowChild3 comes a book series that I read forever ago, about the time I made this doll, and at the time I really loved them. I loved them so much I made a doll for it.

  The series was about a future where the world was running out of food for the people so the government made a law that a family could only have 2 kids and that if you had a third child that it would die. These third children are called Shadow Children, so thus came the name ShadowChild3. I really don't now if I made the doll now that I would have done this, but this is my most popular account and all of my friends know me as ShadowChild3. :)










Age Type City Country
22 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Olan Rogers. Rap the Princess Bride. All the food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
pink ??? Avatar the Last Airbender! Reading and jamin

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