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So I'm in love with Brandon Sanderson's work. If you're a fantasy fan like myself you should check them out. They won't dissapoint. :) Intricate magic systems, complex charactes and the world he creates is so unique and... gaaaaah I'm gonna read this again

way of kings photo: The Way of Kings -Cover WayofKings-Cover.jpgwords of radiance photo:  51RoBAb1oyL.jpg


One of the best series you will ever read! Amazing world and magic system. If you're a fantasy fan you HAVE TO read these books!!!

 photo mistborn-trilogy-ppb_zps4761befc.jpg

This one is also awesome. OMG I'm gonna start begging people to read these. SHARE THE LOVE! <3

Warbreaker photo: Warbreaker 148130557.jpgelantris photo: elantris Elantris_cover.jpg


 photo 83c9f5f52da8dba786091fcc8ff3c553_zpshsarveep.jpg


So... I'm like... a fan *_* Tom Hopper

 photo Tom-hopper.jpg

 photo tumblr_n05m4m2zfd1r8dpzmo2_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_n13zflODMN1r2ill7o5_250.gif

I'm fan girling all over :3 Rawr


Check it out  :3

It's too awesome <3

 photo black-sails-53068bbe58baa.jpg





Trafalgar Law

LAW Pictures, Images and Photos

trafalgar Law photo: Trafalgar Law 1-5db705b433362ab4.jpg

trafalgar Law photo: Trafalgar Law tumblr_lup0jpvgXS1qizslmo2_500.giftrafalgar Law photo: Trafalgar Law tumblr_lz51ma95vr1rot11vo1_400.gif  trafalgar Law photo:  1278861180752.jpg 



 fairy tail Pictures, Images and Photos

fairy tail Pictures, Images and Photos














xanxus photo:  tumblr_lxqch9lbJQ1qidtgpo2_250.gif Hitman reborn photo: reborn reborn.gif  Hitman reborn photo: Katekio Hitman Reborn thGifeProduts4.gif Hitman reborn photo: Hitman Reborn Hitman2.gif


My page is one big commercial of the things I love :)))

 photo f027f96ece4ba627fea90e0b3f7eb55c_zpsee3to0lx.jpg

Age Type City Country
26 years Woman Urithiru, Roshar Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sebastian Stan Vanic X Zella Day - Hypnotic too many to pick from Chocolate...
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black. Knight Radiant Avatar-The last airbender, Legend of Korra, basically all anime... all fantasy TV series... i watch EVERYTHING killing precious time

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