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About SilmeriaPhotobucket

This doll is based (and dedicated) to my second favorite character from a playstation 2 game: Valkyrie Profile "Silmeria". In this game, Silmeria is the third Valkyrie and born in human world into a girl called Alicia. At the end is separated from the body that he shared with Alicia. Her body is materialized, so can coexist while her sisters Lenneth and Hrist, and of course at the same time with Alicia. Silmeria realize the reason why reincarnated in this way and she and her sisters join Alicia, creating the one true valkyrie.

Silmeria Valkyrie

As the youngest of the three Valkyries, Silmeria is, characteristically, the most rebellious one, showing greater freedom of spirit than her two sisters. As she witnesses how Odin treats humans, she decides to challenge his authority and allies herself with Brahms, the Lord of the Undead. She sympathizes with her Einherjar, treating them with both authority and kindness, and prepares them for reincarnation as humans, rather than sending them to Valhalla. She also protects and guides Alicia, her unwitting host, as best she can, showing deep gratitude for her participation in her cause and admiration as her character shapes itself.

Princess Alicia

Alicia starts out extremely shy: her secluded upbringing and the conditions of her exile have left her feeling unwanted and insecure, but also kind, naive and overly trusting. She is all but dwarfed by Silmeria, who is clearly the dominant personality of the two and takes control of Alicia's body whenever decisive action is required. However, as the game progresses, Alicia develops a decisiveness of her own and stops seeing Silmeria's presence as a curse. When the latter is kidnapped by Lezard, Alicia finally comes into her own and shows remarkable resolve, but, paradoxically, also comes to realize that she feels incomplete without Silmeria. This is what prompts her final decision to become the vessel for the three Valkyrie souls, as well as a desire to do her best to achieve a brighter future.

Over the course of the game, she develops a genuine affection for Rufus, but even though it is reciprocated, it does not affect her willingness to sacrifice herself for her cause..



The one true Valkyrie, created as a result of combining the three Valkyrie sisters into one.
Valkyrie is a minor character from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. She is created when the souls of Hrist, Lenneth and Silmeria are fused as one, with Alicia as the bodily host, in order to battle Lezard after he obtains godly powers.
Valkyrie appears very briefly in the game, and she mainly displays ruthless efficiency in dispatching Lezard. However, from what we know about the three Valkyrie sisters (that they are three parts of a whole), it is possible to ***ume that Valkyrie would retain traits from all three sisters. She also seems to place a great deal of importance on personal freedom, telling Lezard, after he has been defeated, that "nothing can rule another's heart".


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