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snowofice has 14 goodness points.

Principal Dancer

July 3, 2017

I love love love the new quest but I dont have enough to do it. est. Can't wait to decorate the One Thousand and One Night room.


Jan 26

My twin does. I'm so jealous. But at least I get to see my lover, Rob tonight


October 9

Halloween is my twin's favorite time of year. I guess because it's our birthday. She loves everything gothic and loves hanging out in cementaries. I like to go to halloween parties and picking out costumes. Something we both enjoy on Halloween is watching scary movies.

Hello everyone, I'm Sienna Knight. Nice to meetcha {#applau}

my favorite colors are: white, dark purple, lavendar, bubble gum pink, and tiffany blue.

i have a twin Serena, 14 minutes older than me. But also 2 older brothers

I love being creative, dancing, going out to clubs, ice skating, shopping, expensive shoes, partying with friends, being pampered at the spa, getting my nails done, going out, watching ballets, playing in the snow, cold weather, and writing poetry.

Favorite food i dont remember but I like pasta, seafood alfredo with white wine, chilled sake, negima, Japanese pizza, steam pork buns, flaky italian ice- grape or strawberry, sweet and sour chicken, roast beef savory pies, yellow apples, vanialla and rocky road ice cream. 

I love to travel. I don't like being in one place for too long.

Favorite movies: Frozen, legally blonde, little princess, cinderella, Anastasia, Tangled, Barbie Rapezunel, princess diaries, breakfast at tiffany's, gone with the wind, enchanted, sleeping beauty, romoe and juliet, aladdin, snow white, little mermaid, mulan, Sense and Sensability, Emma,

Favorite Celeb: Victoria Beckham, KEsha, Gwen Stefani, British Royal Family. 

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, KEsha,Katy Perry, Lady Gaga (sometimes), Ceiline Dion, Adele

Favorite Movies: Little Princess,  Cinderella, , Legally Blonde,  Parent Trap, Sleeping Beauty 

{#pleur}i wish i had enough money to do the Hogwarts quest after seeing my twin, Serena Knight's Hogwarts room and all the new stuff. Maybe they'll bring the quest back again sometime. I don't want to put really money into this game bc I lost some when the site was re-done. Oh well, here is to hoping. 

zwinky self

Age Type City Country
29 years Woman London UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Victoria Beckham
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink and purple model

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