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Fashion Journalist

My twin sister: I am the sun, she is the moon.

They say houses are alive and some are born evil. I didnt believe this until I went to my family manor. The manor had been left empty for many years. A string of tragedies kept my mother away. Starling manor is a sprawling gothic Victorian mansion with two spiral towers, a courtyard, gatehouse, carriage house, family graveyard, a greenhouse, and English gardens. The Knight family had lived in the house for generations until my mother's time. My mother fleed from the house as soon as she was old enough. Now that my grandfather had p***ed, the house has been p***ed to his only living relatives: my siblings and myself.

Growing up my mother always told us stories of the parties grandmother and grandfather grew. Their love for luxury and finer things were shown in the artwork and glamor of the mansion. My mother always told us to stay away from the house. That the house was evil and cursed. Now we had no choice but to go to this house and examine it. My older brothers, Helios and Julius twins were most likely to inherit the house. Helios was the oldest so the house was immediately his. But like my twin sister and I, he remembered the stories about the house. Stories of twin being born in the house and one either dying or mysteriously went missing. My mother had a twin sister and after her sister p***ed, my mother ran away from the house. The most famous case about Starlight Manor was the birth and disappearance of a eight year old girl named Emily. Emily had been born in the house and kept hidden away. One day she was playing with the children and suddenly up and vanished. Emily was never found. A body was never discovered and grandfather didnt look too hard into her possible death. Mother said she played with Emily when growing up at the house. But Emily had died a decade before my mother's birth.

Immediately arriving at the house, I felt uneasy and squeezed my twin's hand. The large iron gate swung open by itself and down a tree line path was a courtyard with a large fountain in the middle. The fountain was a angel holding a baby with lilies in the baby and her hair. water flowed from her eyes as if she was crying. The gray stone brick made the house seem ominious and imposing. The steel black windows looked more like eyes. I was glad my siblings and I were not alone this weekend. I had brought my on and off boyfriend, Rob and my older identical twin, Serena brought her fiancee Duo. Serena and Duo were to be wed in a few months and the only request our grandfather had was that the ceremony took place on the estate.   


Jan 4 2020

OMG It's my godmother's bday! I hope she likes the roses I sent her. Happy birthday godmother. I love you!

Jan 1 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!


My bf had this keychain with this saying on it"keep clam i'm horny as blank" on his keys today. I got so mad at him. He better take that off or I dont know what I'll do. We are always on and off again. But if some drunk woman sees this at the bar and hits on him, we are off again. I dont want to spend another Valentine's Day alone bc we are fighting. It isnt fair! My twin sister probably had the greatest Valentine's last year with her bf. I was so jealous. They went out to dinner, a movie, shopping, and then stayed in all weekend. 


July 3, 2017

I love love love the new quest but I dont have enough to do it. est. Can't wait to decorate the One Thousand and One Night room.


Jan 26

My twin does. I'm so jealous. But at least I get to see my lover, Rob tonight


October 9

Halloween is my twin's favorite time of year. I guess because it's our birthday. She loves everything gothic and loves hanging out in cementaries. I like to go to halloween parties and picking out costumes. Something we both enjoy on Halloween is watching scary movies.

Hello everyone, I'm Sienna Knight. Nice to meetcha {#applau}. I'm from a family of four and the youngest. I have two older brothers, who are twins and a older twin sister, Serena. Here is her page:


My siblings and I were raised by our parents until they p-a-s-sed away when I was six and my brothers were 10. Then we were raised by our grandmother, our mother's mother. I dont remember much about my parents except my dad was always smiling and my mother always smelled of jasmine and lavendar. I remember our father hoist us up high on our balacony to watch the stars and our mother singing to us every night. my favorite colors are: white, dark purple, lavendar, bubble gum pink, and tiffany blue.

i have a twin sister, Serena, who is 14 minutes older than me and older twin older brothers, Heilos and Julian. I have one grandmother, one godmother, 4 godsisters, and one great uncle. 

I love being creative, dancing, going out to clubs, ice skating, shopping, expensive shoes, partying with friends, being pampered at the spa, getting my nails done, going out, watching ballets, playing in the snow, cold weather, and writing poetry.

Favorite food I like pasta, seafood alfredo with white wine, chilled sake, negima, Japanese pizza, steam pork buns, flaky italian ice- grape or strawberry, sweet and sour chicken, roast beef savory pies, yellow apples, vanialla and rocky road ice cream. 

I love to travel. I don't like being in one place for too long.

Favorite movies: Frozen, legally blonde, little princess, cinderella, Anastasia, Tangled, Barbie Rapezunel, princess diaries, breakfast at tiffany's, gone with the wind, enchanted, sleeping beauty, romoe and juliet, aladdin, snow white, little mermaid, mulan, Sense and Sensability, Emma,

Favorite Celeb: Victoria Beckham, KEsha, Gwen Stefani, British Royal Family. 

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, KEsha,Katy Perry, Lady Gaga (sometimes), Ceiline Dion, Adele

Favorite Movies: Little Princess,  Cinderella, , Legally Blonde,  Parent Trap, Sleeping Beauty 

{#pleur}i wish i had enough money to do the Hogwarts quest after seeing my twin, Serena Knight's Hogwarts room and all the new stuff. Maybe they'll bring the quest back again sometime. I don't want to put really money into this game bc I lost some when the site was re-done. Oh well, here is to hoping. 

zwinky self

Age Type City Country
34 years Woman London UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Victoria Beckham Pop Princess Bride Seafood Alfredo
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
lavender; white model Sailor Moon shopping;photography

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