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A little about me:
 My name is Sunayu  Dagostino and I'm crazy about Dolls, Paper Dolls, Barbie Dolls, video games and 3d Worlds. I spend most of my free time surfing the web and finding fascinating things to do (when I'm not reading or exploring a town) yes, I'm crazy about animations and colors too!!  I've been creating new fashions and tendencies in DAC  and enjoying  what other people have done as well. There're lots of amazing designers there, some active others no longer around ( been missed a lot nevertheless) and the funny thing is that I couldn't help but have so many dolls after the tendency of displaying in an orderly  fashion the outfits I create, so I ended up having a big family in there so long and extense that it deserve a special page for it alone.
Me and my partner Akasha are the responsible  for Sunayu's Fashion, our designing company and we specialized in Fantasy dresses for theatrical works and Belle Époque, Edwardian, Victorian and other periods dresses. We like to design Steampunk and Clockwork fashions too. Here in OMD I've found a very big niche for decorating and Interior design, plus the fashion are really superb! Thanks to everyone that vote for me, I'll return every vote as soon as I can. Kisses!!!

 My Cannes Room:

Room of Cannes Festival OMD




  My Private Romantic Cabin at the sea (Living Room 2)

Romantic Cabin





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