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The same Terylana from MDD.

I've made some other accounts on this site as well. They are...

syndelia Once angelic, but panning out to be more elven in theme.

nisstra My medieval fantasy themed account.

llendylahar Silver themed account.

aisliyah No real theme, other than modern.

jynoriel Colors themed account.

alyndiel Pink themed account.



Elegantly dressed/black tie party themed account.


I seem to be making themes for my rooms, instead ofjust making them into what they're supposed to be. Not that it's important that everyone know what theme I was going for, but I thought I'd list some that are different than the regular room...

The Terrace is an island cove, while Bedroom #2 is turning out to be patriotic. The Panther Cave is supposed to be a Drow/Underdark home. The Mountain room is an ode to Skyrim, and the New-York room is a chic modern vampire apartment. Another tribute is the Crypt, which is based on the Mage's Circle Tower from Dragon Age: Origins, along with the New Calcedonia room which is an attempt at a Dragon Age: Inquisition theme. The Boutique has turned into an avariel (winged elf) haven. Bathroom #2 is a little restaurant, and its old Winter Faerie realm has been migrated to the Ice Palace. The Fantastic World room is a tribute to the movie Avatar, and I'm working on an attribute to Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft in the Living Room #2. Eventually I hope to create something to do with ninja in the garage, and a tribute to the Rachel Morgan - The Hollows series of books in the Shooting room. A few rooms are slightly out of commission until I can come up with a theme I want to do with them, but otherwise the rooms are (for the most part) as intended.

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41 years Woman US
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